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Shows playing only 1 to 4 days are not generally accepted - sorry about this but listing shows is time consuming for us and we do not have the staff to list everything.

You must include at least the following for your production to be listed. If any of the following is not included the production will not be listed.
Name of Show;
Venue & Address;
Telephone booking number;
Opening and closing dates.

Note: Fringe theatre productions will be listed for free if we receive a press release from the theatre or producers, providing the production is performing for at least 5 days in one week at a venue. Our policy for London Fringe productions is that it has to be listed on the web site a minimum of 3 weeks - so if a show is playing for only 5 days we expect information 2 and half weeks before the first performance. Generally though we prefer information as far in advance as possible.

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Please contact our ticketing partner Encore

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