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How to buy London Theatre Tickets

There are several ways to buy London theatre tickets; some we have listed below.

London Theatre Tickets
We have partnered with Encore Tickets, a London theatre ticket agency, to offer full price and discount tickets to West End shows - a member of STAR (Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers) so you can buy with confidence! is confident you will receive a satisfactory service. If however, you're not happy or have any comments about the company, would you please let us know. This helps us to maintain the high standard and credibility of

Online Booking Agents
There are now dozens of agents selling theatre tickets, and deciding which to use is like crossing a minefield, so it is very important to use an agent that is a member of STAR, a self-regulatory body. You can find many agencies by using a good search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

Telephoning Theatre Box Office
You can buy tickets by phoning the box office of the theatre. Note that many theatres charge a telephone booking fee of around 1 to 5 pounds sterling and you may be kept on hold a while. Please note that most theatre box office numbers now have a prefix of 0870, 0844 etc (non-geographic numbers), instead of the London 020 number. These numbers will cost about the same to call if calling within the UK from an ordinary phone. If, however, you are calling from outside the UK, these may be charged as premium numbers by your phone company and so can be very expensive! The advantage of phoning is that you can specify exactly where you want to be seated, and also clarify any queries you may have.

Buying when you have arrived in London
If you want tickets on the day of the perfomance you can try the 'tkts booth' in Leicester Square, which is operated by The Society of London Theatre (SOLT). They usually have a large selection of good seats for some of the shows at 25% to 50% discount - although there is a service charge up to 3 a ticket. Note that there are many ticket booths around Leicester Square but they are unlikely to offer the same service, so make sure you go to the correct 'tkts booth', which is in the free standing clock tower building in Leicester Square - the booth is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm, and Sunday 11am to 4pm.

If a show you want is not at the 'tkts booth' then go direct to the theatre box office.

Sold Out Shows
If shows are sold out you could try queuing for returns. Arrive at the theatre a few hours before the performance, and you may well be able to buy a ticket.

The National Theatre reserve some tickets which only go on sale at 10am on the day of the performance - but get there several hours before the performance as there is usually a queue.

If you are really desperate, you can try online auction sites like ebay, but be careful because this can be very expensive and secondly the tickets could be forged, although many auction sites offer protection against this.

Ticket Touts
Many touts will hang around theatres of top shows trying to sell you tickets. NEVER buy a ticket from a tout as it may be stolen or forged, as well as being very expensive.

Seating Trivia
Stalls is the same as Orchestra or Orchestra Stalls in the USA. They are the lowest seating section of the theatre and normally closest to the stage.
Dress Circle, aka Royal Circle or Circle, is the same as Mezzanine in the USA and is the next tier of seating above the Stalls.
Upper Circle or Grand Circle is the same as Balcony in the USA, and is normally the next tier of seating above the Dress Circle. (These are normally the cheapest seats!)
In the UK, Balcony is the next tier of seating above the Upper/Grand Circle.
See FAQ for more trivia!


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