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Heads Bodies Legs at Camden People's Theatre

Heads Bodies Legs by Ezra Elia, at the Camden People's Theatre, a 60-seat fringe venue near Warren Street, central London, late evenings 6 to 25 Aug 2013, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival.

Directed by Ray Malone and designed by Hannah Wood.

An absurd comic thriller combining theatre, music and animation. Jon, a patient unable to afford the fees for his treatment at a sinister private hospital, forfeits his soul in lieu of payment, and so embarks on a quest to recover it from the elusive chief doctor, Dr S. He soon becomes embroiled in a surreal bureaucratic nightmare, and encounters a string of strange and progressively more demented characters who are both the staff and patients at the hospital, among them a wildly pedantic nurse, a member of a secret vigilante sect, and two lovers happily without souls, whose feelings are tamed, measured and modified in a sequence of weird and violent operations

- by Darren Dalglish

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