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by Fat Git Theatre
at New Diorama Theatre
Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy and girl have a wonderful night together. And in the morning it's the start of the beginning of the end of the world...
(from 02 Dec 2014 - Closing on 06 Dec 2014)
by Dameon Garnett
at Finborough Theatre
At seventeen years old, Scott is facing a future that is as uncertain as his past. The death of his adopted mother throws his life into chaos, and now he finds himself having to fit in with a new middle-class family, and the birth-mother he never knew. Class differences soon reach fever pitch, and guilt has the winning hand. Whoever thought change would be this difficult, and what is Scott hiding under the bed?
(from 20 Jul 2014 - Closing on 29 Jul 2014)
inspired by Stefan Zweig’s novella The Royal Game.
at New Diorama Theatre
On board a decadent cruise liner in the late 1930s, the world’s greatest chess champion is challenged to a match by a mysterious newcomer. As the strange opponent begins to play, the secrets of his dark past bubble to the surface and it becomes clear that the game is not the only thing he’s at risk of losing.
(from 23 Sep 2014 - Closing on 27 Sep 2014)
By Emlyn Williams
at St James Theatre
London, 1950. Private and public worlds collide when author Will Trenting’s knighthood attracts the glare of the British press. Will is forced to battle against the exposure of his secret life and the double standards of a society bent on destroying him.
(from 12 Nov 2014 - Closing on 13 Dec 2014)
Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
at Brookside Theatre
'They're creepy and they're kooky...' THE ADDAMS FAMILY is a  musical that brings the darkly delirious world of the infamous family with an affinity for all things macabre 'spook-tacularly'  to life.
(from 28 Oct 2014 - Closing on 01 Nov 2014)
by Lewis Carroll, adapted by Daniel Winder and Candida Caldcott
at St Paul's Church
Join Alice as she takes a journey 'through the looking glass' and back to the magical world of Wonderland. As she steps through the magic mirror she enters a strange yet familiar world of talking flowers, the Mad Hatter, Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the evil Jabberwock.
(from 30 Jul 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
Based on the books and TV series by James Herriot
at Richmond Theatre
Brings to life the adventures of James, Siegfried and his easy going brother Tristan Farnon, alongside the unique characters and animals of the Yorkshire moors.
(from 28 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
Music by David Essex
at Brookside Theatre
'Roll on up and see the main attraction... let's take a ride!' - All The Fun Of The Fair is the David Essex musical set in a fairground, featuring hit songs from the singer's multiple albums.
(from 02 Sep 2014 - Closing on 06 Sep 2014)
By George Orwell; Adapted by James Kenworth
at Newham City Farm
Simple, tragic fable, telling what happens when the animals drive out Mr Jones and attempt to run the farm themselves.
(from 19 Aug 2014 - Closing on 24 Aug 2014)
by Mike Cullen
at Space, The
Written in the 90 s when court cases on False Memory Syndrome were rife, this play is as relevant now as it was then. How much power can an individual hold over another’s mind, and how can we ever be certain of the truth?
(from 26 Aug 2014 - Closing on 13 Sep 2014)
by Sophocles, adapted by Roy Williams
at Theatre Royal, Stratford East
When Creon refuses to bury the body of Antigone’s unruly brother, her anger quickly turns to defiance. Creon, in an attempt to retain control, condemns her to a torturous death - she’s to be buried alive. Antigone is a story about loyalty, truth and human nature and what happens when one person stands against the rules.
(from 19 Feb 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
ANYTHING GOES - A 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Music of Cole Porter
Music by Cole Porter
at Cadogan Hall
Featuring the best from classic shows such as Anything Goes, Kiss Me Kate, High Society, including Another Openin’ Another Show, Miss Otis Regrets, You’re The Top, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, You’re Sensational, Let’s Do It, Every Time We Say Goodbye, I Love Paris In The Springtime, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Anything Goes, Brush Up Your Shakespeare and many more hits.
(from 20 Aug 2014 - Closing on 23 Aug 2014)
by Meow Meow
at Southbank Centre, Purcell Room
Floods, fires, famines and unexpected fur-balls. Are we at the End of Days, or just the end of another year? Laugh in the face of imminent cat-astrophe as our favourite feline makes a rapturous return to Southbank Centre with her purr-fect, provocative brand of deliciously non-traditional holiday cheer.
(from 16 Dec 2014 - Closing on 29 Dec 2014)
Book, Music and Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock
at Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre
The Apple Tree is comprised of three Musical miniatures.
(from 12 Aug 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
by John Godber
at Richmond Theatre
Can a trip to the City of Love rekindle Al and Bet’s rocky relationship when the reality of returning home always looms large?
(from 09 Sep 2014 - Closing on 13 Sep 2014)
by William Shakespeare
at Southwark Playhouse - The Large Space
Rosalind, daughter of a duke banished by his own brother, is forced into exile by her despotic uncle. With only her spectacular wit and her loyal cousin Celia and servant Touchstone to support her, she is forced to disguise herself as a man and enter the Forest of Arden searching for her father. When the love of her life, Orlando, also on the run in the forest, doesn't recognise her, Rosalind decides to teach him the truth about love.
(from 18 Sep 2014 - Closing on 18 Oct 2014)
by Billy Roche
at Space, The
The third and most soulful part of Billy Roche’s critically acclaimed Wexford Trilogy, Belfry is a tale of memory and consequences of first – and forbidden – love on a man who has not really lived until a married woman shows him how. Narrated and acted out as if a confession of his sins, it tells the story of a lacklustre middle-aged sacristan, Artie, whose recollections on one evening evoke a fleeting adulterous affair that lasts only a short while but leaves an impact for a lifetime.
(from 23 Sep 2014 - Closing on 04 Oct 2014)
Music by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, Book by David Soames
at Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon
BLOCKBUSTER The Musical begins in 2014 with Mickey Block, a young busker, singing in London's Soho. Mickey has borrowed money to buy a car. Unfortunately he crashes it without insuring it and is now being pursued by Charlie Daz, a 'loan shark' to whom he owes money. Taking refuge in Crazy Max's Retro Record shop, Mickey meets Max (Paul Nicholas), a mystical figure, who discovers Mickey has problems and telrd ls him he can turn his life around if he performs two selfless deeds within seven days.
(from 29 Sep 2014 - Closing on 04 Oct 2014)
by Idle Motion
at New Diorama Theatre
Exploring the life of visionary writer Jorge Borges and his remarkable work whilst integrating creative stagecraft, innovative video projection and beautiful physicality, hundreds of books transform into a plethora of images, from a flock of birds to a city skyline, from an airplane to a universe of libraries.
(from 09 Dec 2014 - Closing on 13 Dec 2014)
by John Godber
at London Theatre New Cross
John Godber's play about a group of Bouncers working a Saturday night is one of the UK's most performed plays. This new production includes updates by the author and features a cast of professional stand up comics.
(from 09 Sep 2014 - Closing on 14 Sep 2014)
By Ben Ockrent
at St James Theatre
The story of Andrea and her wife Caroline in their quest to have a child that shares both of their DNA, with the help of Andrea’s brother.
(from 03 Sep 2014 - Closing on 04 Oct 2014)
by Briefs
at London Wonderground, part of the Southbank Centre site
Expect the unexpected in this array of satire and skills as the BRIEFS boys present London Wonderground with burlesque…with balls!
(from 28 Aug 2014 - Closing on 28 Sep 2014)
By Tony Kushner
at Southwark Playhouse - The Little Space
New Year’s Eve. Berlin. 1932. A group of artists and communists throw a decadent party to celebrate the night, blissfully unaware of the political changes to come. But as the country succumbs to the seduction of Nazism they are forced to choose between integrity and survival.
(from 23 July 2014 - Closing on 16 Aug 2014)
By Nadia P Manzoor; Developed by Tara Elliot
at The Cockpit
The glowing promise of modern London versus the glum realities of a conservative Pakistani Muslim home are punctuated by Bollywood dance moves and at least one blackout drinking incident.
(from 09 Sep 2014 - Closing on 14 Sep 2014)
by Joni-Rae Carrack and Dana Segal
at Space, The
Using a mixture of live performance, spoken word, shadow puppetry and object manipulation Joni and Dana attempt to recount the story of their ‘sort of’ holiday, whilst exploring the themes of memory, family and war.
(from 19 Aug 2014 - Closing on 23 Aug 2014)
Music by Terry Davies & Rodion Shchedrin’s Carmen Suite (after Bizet’s Carmen)
at Sadler's Wells
The familiar 19th Century Spanish cigarette factory becomes a greasy garage-diner in 1960’s America where the dreams and passions of a small-town are shattered by the arrival of a handsome stranger. Fuelled by heat and desire, the inhabitants are driven into an unstoppable spiral of greed, lust, betrayal and revenge.
(from 14 Jul 2015 - Closing on 09 Aug 2015)
By Anton Chekov - adapted by Brendan Murray
at Jack Studio Theatre
Madame Ranyevskaya returns to save the family estate she has loved throughout her life. Haunted by memories of lost happiness, she is unable to accept help; as though to face the realities of the present would betray her longing for the past. Through inaction, she risks losing the thing she holds most precious, her Cherry Orchard.
(from 15 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
by Charles Dickens, book and Lyrics by Ben Horslen and John Risebero, music by Christopher Peake
at Middle Temple Hall
On Christmas Eve, the miser Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by the ghost of his business partner, Jacob Marley. To help Scrooge avoid the ghastly fate that awaits beyond the grave, Marley arranges for him to be visited by three spirits. But can the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come persuade Scrooge to open his heart to the magic of Christmas before the sun rises?
(from 20 Dec 2014 - Closing on 30 Dec 2014)
by Blind Summit Theatre / Adapted from the novel by Sapphire
at New Diorama Theatre
A verbatim puppet theatre experiment that delves into the lives of people on the political 'fringe', in the build up to the general election. / Push is a powerful and disturbing story told by Precious and her classmates, enlivened by humour, joy and 1980s music and dance moves.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
by Duncan Battman
at Hen and Chickens Theatre
The discovery of a note left by a suicide victim triggers a re-investigation into the death of teenage prostitute Cilla Ward, who went missing 20 years ago.
(from 05 Aug 2014 - Closing on 09 Aug 2014)
by Fiona Doyle
at Finborough Theatre
Coolatully shines a light on modern rural Ireland, where suicide rates among young men are the fourth highest in the world, asking whether a generation can be saved.
(from 28 Oct 2014 - Closing on 22 Nov 2014)
by William Shakespeare, adapted by Ricky Dukes
at Tristan Bates Theatre
Rome’s prodigal son must lead a War against a villainous enemy. Triumphant and applauded as hero on his return, Coriolanus is thrust into a media frenzy. His disgust for the political elite and his distrust of the people leads to his dismissal, dishonour and exile. His revenge shall be the end for all.
(from 18 Aug 2014 - Closing on 06 Sep 2014)
By J.B. Priestley
at Richmond Theatre
A chance remark at Robert & Freda Caplan’s dinner party plunges their guests into a re-examination of the mysterious death of young Martin Caplan.
(from 29 Sep 2014 - Closing on 04 Oct 2014)
by Philipp Löhle, translated by Birgit Schreyer Duarte
at New Diorama Theatre
In a world where everything is connected with everything else, characters are driven by their yearning for the inexplicable, the magic moment, the great love, in Philipp Löhle’s observation on our globalised world.
(from 14 Oct 2014 - Closing on 01 Nov 2014)
By Oliver Cotton
at Richmond Theatre
About a couple, Elli & Joe, who are rocked by the sudden reappearance of Joe’s long lost brother Billy and the extraordinary story he has to tell.
(from 01 Sep 2014 - Closing on 06 Sep 2014)
by Nikolai Gogol, adapted by Howard Colyer
at Jack Studio Theatre
He is a clerk; he feels himself to be a great man; others do not; between this gap his madness grows. He becomes difficult in the office; he becomes difficult at home. And, at last, his imperial ambition drives him abroad to Deptford – strange to say.
(from 26 Aug 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)

at Lyric Hammersmith
The streets of Hammersmith will be paved with gold this Christmas as the Lyric’s traditional panto returns for a 6th year. Hammersmith welcomes Dick Whittington and his Cat to W6 for some festive fun in true Lyric style.
(from 22 Nov 2014 - Closing on 03 Jan 2015)
by Lilly Driscoll
at The Hope Theatre
Dirty Promises is an urban love story; a messy love story with the bruises to prove it. Using punchy dialogue, poetry and a touch of the surreal we explore what happens when you want so badly to fit in to a society that doesn’t understand you.
(from 02 Aug 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
by Deborah Bruce
at Orange Tree Theatre
Good friends should be there for one another - no matter what. But when Bea returns home after three years abroad having made a bold choice about her life, old friends struggle to support her. Or even to understand. One night in Brighton, things threaten to slide into chaos... A comedy about motherhood (and fatherhood); about keeping control and letting go. Relationships are hard: long-term ones harder still. What does it take to really go the distance?
(from 08 Oct 2014 - Closing on 08 Nov 2014)
by Marius von Mayenburg
at Arcola Theatre
A hot August night. M finds himself at the dead end of a dark and deserted street, where everything has decayed and time has stopped. Hurled into a nightmare world, where wolves prowl, hunger is everywhere, and nothing is quite what it seems, M does the only logical thing: he runs. His flight through this land of blood and dust, flesh-eating seductresses and talking dogs forces him to confront his very existence, and as dawn approaches M realises this is one nightmare he may never awake from.
(from 18 Sep 2014 - Closing on 18 Oct 2014)
Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, Book by Peter Duchan. Based on the Warner Bros film and screenplay by Bob Comfort
at Southwark Playhouse - The Large Space
November 21, 1963. On the night before their deployment to Vietnam, three young Marines set out for one final boys' night of debauchery. But when Corporal Eddie Birdlace meets Rose, the unassuming and idealistic waitress he enlists to win a cruel bet, she rewrites the rules of the game and opens his eyes to what really matters in life.
(from 08 Aug 2014 - Closing on 13 Sep 2014)
by John Webster
at New Diorama Theatre
As the widowed Duchess of Malfi searches for a new husband her eye falls fatally on her servant Antonio. Determined to pursue her desires at any cost she marries in secret believing that her fiercely proud family will, in time, understand.
(from 05 Aug 2014 - Closing on 23 Aug 2014)
by Doris Lessing
at Orange Tree Theatre
It's 1958. Tony, back from National Service disillusioned and dissatisfied, finds his mother still the political activist she's been since her since youth. To Myra, Tony's attitude is a mystery - where's the anger? Myra and her friend Milly's restless Bohemianism leads them to a complex, erotic entanglement with the younger generation and exposes fault-lines in their own generation's complacency. They're about to learn that the personal is political.
(from 15 Apr 2015 - Closing on 16 May 2015)
Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
at Tabard Theatre
The collection of songs interweaves the lives of two men and two women, and speak as much of such universal issues as love, loss, commitment, identity, ambition, growth, and connection, as the obsessions of youth.
(from 30 Jul 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
by Tim Burton, adapted by Matthew Bourne
at Sadler's Wells
Featuring the unmistakable music of Danny Elfman and Terry Davies this touching love story tells the bittersweet modern fairytale of a boy created with only scissors for hands, left alone to fend for himself in a strange new suburban world.
(from 02 Dec 2014 - Closing on 11 Jan 2015)
by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
at Barons Court Theatre
Lessing's Emilia Galotti is a tale of absolute power, lust and honour.
(from 01 Sep 2014 - Closing on 13 Sep 2014)
by Chris MacDonald
at Southwark Playhouse - The Little Space
The Eye of a Needle gets under the skin of a system branded by both Left and Right as 'not fit for purpose'.
(from 27 Aug 2014 - Closing on 20 Sep 2014)
by Fascinating Aida
at Southbank Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall
Comedy cabaret.
(from 01 Jan 2015 - Closing on 11 Jan 2015)
By Terence Rattigan, co-authored with Philip Heimann
at Jermyn Street Theatre
Based on the true story of a movie star’s appearance in an Oxford student play.
(from 28 Oct 2014 - Closing on 22 Nov 2014)
by D.H.W. Mildon
at The Hope Theatre
In this account of love and old age, Arthur and Grace have been in love for half a century, but now the flood waters are rising around their home. As Alzheimer’s strips away Grace’s memory, Arthur tries to juggle a voice from the past with the increasingly pressing concerns of the present.
(from 01 Aug 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
by Robert McLellan
at Finborough Theatre
A period satire on the aftermath of the 1707 Acts of Union, the Scottish Enlightenment and the battle between the Scots and English tongues.
(from 02 Sep 2014 - Closing on 27 Sep 2014)
by John Van Druten
at Jermyn Street Theatre
A time shift work set in London in 1934 and in Sussex from 1914 to 1916, the play tells the story of the Jacklyn family torn apart by the Great War. Tackling the issues of how the conflict had a long lasting and devastating effect on a whole generation, the play is a both a eulogy to those who fell and a testament to those who lived on without them.
(from 23 Sep 2014 - Closing on 18 Oct 2014)
By Gerard Alessandrini
at Menier Chocolate Factory
This updated version of the show, from Broadway’s director Phillip George, showcases some of the best productions from both Broadway and the West End, including The Book of Mormon, Once, Matilda, Wicked and Miss Saigon.
(from 19 Jun 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
by Richard Campbell & Carol Pestridge, adapted from Mary Shelley's novel
at Space, The
This Hallowe’en, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is brought to life by the electrifying impact of live rock music. Witness a faithful re-telling of the classic gothic novel, during a night at the opera like no other.
(from 28 Oct 2014 - Closing on 01 Nov 2014)
Music by Julian Slade, Book and Lyrics by Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade
at Finborough Theatre
Will the islanders find their May Queen, or will the peace of Terhou be disrupted forever?
(from 05 Oct 2014 - Closing on 21 Oct 2014)
By Becky Mode
at Menier Chocolate Factory
'Resting actor' Sam Peliczowski is in demand…but not for his acting. Instead he mans the red-hot reservation line at Manhattan's number-one eatery and everyone wants a piece of him...
(from 03 Sep 2014 - Closing on 15 Nov 2014)
by Philip Ridley
at Arcola Theatre
Back in the swinging sixties, Travis Flood led a gang that terrorised East London. Now, after an absence of many years, he returns to find his old turf in the clutches of a new kind of gang - with a new kind of leader.
(from 11 Sep 2014 - Closing on 11 Oct 2014)
by Carl Grose
at Southwark Playhouse - The Large Space
A psychiatrist obsessed with a playwright’s gruesome dramas ingratiates his way into the company. But when he starts to unpick the author’s mind, the boundaries between theatre and truth begin to blur…
(from 23 Oct 2014 - Closing on 22 Nov 2014)
by Mordaunt Shairp
at Jermyn Street Theatre
Telling the story of a beautiful young man as he is forced to choose between the love of his fiancee and the lifestyle of his male mentor, the work is a comedy of manipulation and self-repression.
(from 25 Nov 2014 - Closing on 20 Dec 2014)
GREENE CARD, THE : The Unbelievable, Yet Completely True, Story of a Brown Boy in a White World
by Sevan K. Greene
at Space, The
From the raucous Gospel parlors of African-American Florida to the uptight racist salons of white New York City, Sevan learns that it takes more than an encyclopedic knowledge of The Little Mermaid to be part of their world. Drawn from the experience of his own harrowing reality, The Greene Card asks why it’s easier to survive warfare than to live as an immigrant.
(from 16 Sep 2014 - Closing on 20 Sep 2014)
Book and Lyrics by Fiona O'Malley, Music by Joseph Alexander
at Charing Cross Theatre
Grim cannot be complete without her soul and Cupid cannot be complete without his soulmate. Grim: A New Musical is the story of the collision of two most powerful forces in the world - the power of love and the power of death.
(from 04 Aug 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
Created by Kate Prince
at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre
Set in a fantastical urban world, ZooNation’s Groove On Down The Road tells the story of Dorothy and her adventures with four friends, Toto, Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man. The audience join Dorothy, her friends and ruby sneakers in this hip-hop dance production as they groove on down the yellow brick road in a quest to find love, happiness and family.
(from 05 Aug 2014 - Closing on 26 Aug 2014)
By Noël Coward
at Richmond Theatre
When each member of the Bliss family invites a guest to their rural retreat, the unassuming visitors are promptly thrown into a living melodrama.
(from 15 Sep 2014 - Closing on 20 Sep 2014)
by Kill the Beast
at New Diorama Theatre
The year is 1974, the sleepy town is Hemlock-Under-Lye, and when werewolf attacks threaten to ruin teatime, there’s only one person you can call…
(from 30 Sep 2014 - Closing on 11 Oct 2014)
By William Shakespeare
at The Rose Playhouse, Bankside
Henry IV has seized control of the English crown from Richard II, however he is struggling to maintain control of his power. Enemies are gathering both abroad and much closer to home.
(from 29 Jul 2014 - Closing on 09 Aug 2014)
By Tom Basden
at Arcola Tent
'We are the survivors of flight BA043. We don’t know where we are. You have to help us. Hello…? Is there anybody out there? Hello…?'
Stranded, four survivors wait. Surely somebody will find them. Planes don't just disappear, do they? And, if no-one's coming…what do they do now?
(from 16 Jul 2014 - Closing on 09 Aug 2014)
by Chris Leicester
at London Theatre New Cross
Hurricane Hill and the worst storm in years...At the isolated house of a famous recluse a stranger arrives and someone's past will finally be faced. Which life is more valuable; that of a child or of a brother-in-arms?
(from 21 Oct 2014 - Closing on 26 Nov 2014)
at Richmond Theatre
As the healthy, penny-pinching Argan is obsessed by a list of imaginary ailments he believes he is suffering from, a series of eccentric quacks and his treacherous wife try to fleece him of his fortune.
(from 24 Nov 2014 - Closing on 29 Nov 2014)
Music by Rutland Boughton, Libretto by 'Fiona Macleod' (William Sharp).
at Finborough Theatre
The Immortal Hour is a magical fairy tale that draws heavily from Celtic folklore and mythology.
(from 10 Aug 2014 - Closing on 26 Aug 2014)
By Oscar Wilde
at Richmond Theatre
Follows the story of two upper class bachelors, Algernon Moncrieff and John Worthing, who both create alternative identities in order to persue their intended love interests.
(from 13 Oct 2014 - Closing on 18 Oct 2014)
by Adebayo Bolaji
at London Theatre Workshop
Two actors - Nina and Sean - spend a night together to rehearse a play... What you think happens, (or might happen), is maybe part of the 'problem'. A testing, funny and sexy piece of contemporary theatre looking at sexual objectifications and assumptions - through simple yet theatrical storytelling.
(from 15 Sep 2014 - Closing on 20 Sep 2014)
by Jack Shepherd
at Southwark Playhouse - The Large Space
1789. Six years after the end of the American Revolution. Across the channel, the French Revolution has only just begun. In Britain, an anxious government is suppressing any kind of dissident activity. Angry mobs roam the streets in support of church and state.
(from 10 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
Book and lyrics by David Baddiel, Music by Erran Baron Cohen
at Theatre Royal, Stratford East
East End Muslim Mahmoud Nassir is an ordinary family man whose life is turned upside down when he discovers that not only is he adopted, but that his birth parents are Jewish. The resulting cultural and religious chaos leads to an uproarious and insightful comedy about race, prejudice, confusion and what it really means to be yourself.
(from 03 Oct 2014 - Closing on 02 Nov 2014)
by Julia Voce
at StageSpace - Pleasance London
Performer/Writer Julia Voce performs 'Ishbel and I' solo, but there are two other 'performers' on stage - her bicycles. In these mechanical objects, the work finds music and new characters; creating worlds and quite literally 'taking us on a journey' into life in a large family when someone is seriously mentally ill.
(from 29 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
Based on 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' by Robert Louis Stevenson; Adapted by Adam Dechanel
at Lion and Unicorn Theatre
A young lawyer visiting his Doctor friend at the London College of Tropical Diseases stumbles onto a series of horrifically dismembered corpses and takes it upon himself to hunt the killer.
(from 30 Sep 2014 - Closing on 25 Oct 2014)
by The Faction
at New Diorama Theatre
A young girl shuns her father’s arranged marriage to fight on the battlefield. She is prepared to die for her country following her calling from God. Yet a snap decision in combat threatens her fanatical quest. This epic text sings with spirituality, patriarchy and militarism and remains as significant and relevant to audiences now as it did at its premiere.
(from 30 Jan 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by Alan Bissett
at Finborough Theatre
Alan Bissett premieres a new work, posing the question: is Scotland the colonised or the coloniser?
(from 10 Sep 2014 - Closing on 13 Sep 2014)
by Friedrich Schiller
at London Theatre New Cross
This classic German Drama, translated to "Intrigue and Love", tells the story of a group of plotting noblemen destroying the love between Ferdinand von Walter, a nobleman's son, and Luise Miller, daughter of a middle-class musician.
(from 02 Sep 2014 - Closing on 07 Sep 2014)
by Suhayla El-Bushra
at Tricycle Theatre
A bus, a food van, a salon, a clothes shop. Preoccupied with the daily grind, the residents of Kilburn High Road are busy. Too busy, in fact, to notice each other. But when a stranger arrives, their worlds begin to collide in a way that no one saw coming.
(from 05 Aug 2014 - Closing on 09 Aug 2014)
KILLED: JULY 17th 1916
originally created by The Theatre in Education Company at the Belgrade Theatre
at Jack Studio Theatre
Billy Dean is a young volunteer soldier, who has been found guilty of desertion in the face of the enemy. The sentence: execution by firing squad 5.30am July 17th 1916.
(from 05 Aug 2014 - Closing on 09 Aug 2014)
by Oscar Wilde
at King's Head Theatre
Young, rich, beautiful and happily married, Lady Windermere has it all. Until her husband invites a mysterious widow to her 21st birthday ball. Who is she? Why is she there? What is their secret? Suddenly everything that Lady Windermere holds dear is in jeopardy. Nothing is as it seems in this satirical thriller, full of intrigue, jealousy, and Oscar Wilde’s famous, inimitable one-liners.
(from 05 Aug 2014 - Closing on 23 Aug 2014)
LAST DAYS OF LIMEHOUSE, THE: A Journey Into London's Original Chinatown
by Jeremy Tiang
at Limehouse Town Hall
Delving straight into the heart of London’s original Chinatown, this site specific production will explode the lurid myths of opium dens and sinister Chinese gangs, to reveal a place that was for generations of people, simply home.
(from 16 Jul 2014 - Closing on 03 Aug 2014)
A musical adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ short story. Music by Vincent Guibert, Lyrics by Amy Rosenthal, Robert Holman, Honeysuckle Weeks, Adam Meggido, Desmond O’Connor, Adam Byron, Matt Peover and Charlie Dupré
at Jacksons Lane Theatre
Colette Simple lives a contented life in her gossipy little town, taking care of her humble store and faithful (if somewhat snide) canary. But when she wakes one day to find her precious wall of petunias has been deliberately trampled, the young perpetrator leads her towards an epiphany that frees her from her dreary life in a mix of musical theatre, absurd comedy and live music.
(from 16 Sep 2014 - Closing on 04 Oct 2014)
by Theatre Writers Workshop
at Etcetera Theatre
This is the story of Lili Elbe, the world's first known trans woman to undergo full realignment, which is based on her 1930s diaries.
(from 28 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
by Underbelly Productions
at Southbank Centre ( Jubilee Gardens)
An exotic mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics.
(from 07 May 2014 - Closing on 17 Aug 2014)
by Benjamin Scheuer
at St James Studio
One man, six guitars and a story of love, loss and survival.
(from 19 Aug 2014 - Closing on 07 Sep 2014)
by Alice Birch
at Orange Tree Theatre
A house by the sea. Teddy wants more light. He's knocked that staircase down. Alison is soaked through. She's livid. Clarissa's ready to burst. They can't keep meeting like this. A dark, volatile new play that asks if we can ever let go.
(from 04 Feb 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
By Paul Minx
at The Hope Theatre
On a back patio in Indiana USA while Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement are in full swing, Andre and Grace, domestic workers for Jake's Midwestern family, want to head South from Indianapolis to join their brothers and sisters in the cause.
(from 02 Aug 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
Based on recently discovered diaries found in Guernsey
at Richmond Theatre
A WWII thriller set in the enemy-occupied Channel Islands. With the last boat to England gone, Lotty is housed in close quarters with the enemy – but does she dare tread a passionate and dangerous path to save a friend?
(from 20 Oct 2014 - Closing on 25 Oct 2014)
A new adaptation of Flaubert’s tale of sex and adultery, by Rosanna Lowe
at The Hope Theatre
A new adaptation of Flaubert’s tale of sex and adultery. Messy, complex and profoundly modern, Madame Bovary places a nuanced, ambiguous and realistic woman at its heart of whom Flaubert famously wrote ‘c’est moi’.
(from 01 Aug 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
Conceived and Developed by Craig Lucas and Norman Rene, with Music by Stephen Sondheim
at St James Studio
Marry Me A Little pieces together a selection of songs by Stephen Sondheim to tell a charming and bittersweet tale of love, loneliness and survival as a modern singleton. Two single strangers, left alone in their studio apartments on a Saturday night, pass their time with sweetly secret, unshared fantasies, never knowing that they’re just a floor away from each other and the end of their lonely dreams.
(from 29 Jul 2014 - Closing on 10 Aug 2014)
by William Shakespeare
at Courtyard Theatre
Summer 1958 – an English country village - A magical mix of folk and morris, rock'n'roll and jive, enchantment and mayhem.
(from 19 Aug 2014 - Closing on 07 Sep 2014)
Book by Eric Idle, score by Eric Idle and John Du Prez.
at New Wimbledon Theatre
Spamalot tells the legendary tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
(from 08 Jun 2015 - Closing on 13 Jun 2015)
Book by Eric Idle, score by Eric Idle and John Du Prez.
at Richmond Theatre
Spamalot tells the legendary tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
(from 26 Jan 2015 - Closing on 31 Jan 2015)
by Susie McKenna
at Hackney Empire
Is beauty really only skin deep? One fateful day two magical sisters decide to find out who is the most powerful witch… and so our tale begins… Mother Goose is given the gift of Princess Pricilla, a magic golden-egg-laying goose…
(from 22 Nov 2014 - Closing on 04 Jan 2015)
by William Shakespeare, adapted by Ross McGregor
at Lion and Unicorn Theatre
Young and impassioned Claudio, fresh from the wars, has fallen in love with Hero, the beautiful daughter of the Duke. While the two hastily plan their nuptials, a seething malevolence lurks in the shadows, one that threatens to turn their hope and happiness to ashes.
(from 29 Jul 2014 - Closing on 23 Aug 2014)
by Agatha Christie
at Richmond Theatre
Three radio thrillers from the ‘Queen of Crime’, read in an authentic studio setting with live sound effects, in the style of their original BBC Broadcasts
(from 31 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
by Torben Betts
at White Bear Theatre
Muswell Hill is a blackly funny, touching and ultimately devastating play, exploring the disintegration of a relationship in a world in which the fragile veneer of comfort and contentment conceals realities too uncomfortable to face.
(from 12 Aug 2014 - Closing on 31 Aug 2014)
by William Inge
at Jermyn Street Theatre
Christmas 1962, Chicago, small apartment… Unconventional couple, Sue and Bernie, are awaiting the impending visit of Sue’s delinquent son Donnie with excitement and trepidation.
(from 15 Jul 2014 - Closing on 09 Aug 2014)
By Rashid Razaq, based on a short story by Hassan Blasim
at Arcola Theatre
Salim, an Iraqi refugee, takes on a new identity in London after fleeing persecution in Baghdad. He is picked up, and marries a wealthy older woman, who enthusiastically coaches him in the bedroom for his forthcoming citizenship test.
(from 23 July 2014 - Closing on 16 Aug 2014)
by Joan Littlewood, Theatre Workshop, Charles Chilton, Gerry Raffles and Members of the Original Cast.
at Theatre Royal, Stratford East
The musical is packed with familiar songs from the World War I era including ‘It's a Long Way to Tipperary’, ‘Pack up Your Troubles’ and ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’. The songs are performed against a projected backdrop of images and shocking statistics conveying the harsh realities of war.
(from 29 Jan 2015 - Closing on 07 Feb 2015)
Created by Joan Littlewood, Theatre Workshop, Charles Chilton, Gerry Raffles, Ted Allen and Members of the Original Cast
at Richmond Theatre
The musical is packed with familiar songs from the World War I era including ‘It's a Long Way to Tipperary’, ‘Pack up Your Troubles’ and ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’. The songs are performed against a projected backdrop of images and shocking statistics conveying the harsh realities of war.
(from 10 Feb 2015 - Closing on 14 Feb 2015)
By Will Eno
at Tabard Theatre
The play is composed of five short stories (playlets) that each offer a small snapshot of the life of an ordinary person, in a situation where society demands something extraordinary.
(from 03 Sep 2014 - Closing on 20 Sep 2014)
by William Shakespeare, adapted by Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett
at Lyric Hammersmith
A take on Shakespeare’s brutal and gripping thriller-tragedy of paranoia, jealousy, sex and murder. Fusing a taut adaptation of the classic text with its trademark hard-hitting choreography, Frantic Assembly takes a scalpel to 21st century Britain, exposing prejudice, danger and fear.
(from 13 Jan 2015 - Closing on 07 Feb 2015)
By Timberlake Wertenbaker
at Richmond Theatre
A true story of a ragbag cast of convicts, who put on a play under the guidance of an earnest young marine officer. Along the way they start to discover each other, both onstage and behind the scenes.
(from 04 Nov 2014 - Closing on 08 Nov 2014)
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by John Weidman
at Union Theatre
An isolated Japan, swathed in honour and protected by invincible gods, has a very rude awakening in 1853 by western war ships. A lowly fisherman is sent to insist they turn back only to kick start a chain of events that lead to drastic social change.
(from 02 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
by AllthePigs
at New Diorama Theatre
In 2005, a suited man washed up on the Kent coast with no recollection of where he came from, how he got there and who he was. He could not speak. No one could recognise him. But he could play Tchaikovsky...
(from 11 Nov 2014 - Closing on 15 Nov 2014)
by Oscar Wilde
at Dorian Gray's Townhouse
Oscar Wilde's infamous and only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, has been transformed into an 'engaging', immersive experience by The Alchemic Order.
(from 31 Jul 2014 - Closing on 13 Sep 2014)
by Ella Carmen Greenhill
at New Diorama Theatre
Rose loves her brother Mikey. Mikey loves Rose, Bruce Willis films and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but he hates change. When their mum is diagnosed with leukaemia, their world is plunged into chaos.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 18 Apr 2015)
by Mustapha Matura
at Orange Tree Theatre
1950s Port of Spain, Samuel, a young tailor's assistant, dreams of Trinidad's independence. On the eve of carnival everyone fills the streets, dressed up to play mas. This annual celebration turns to tragedy and spurs Samuel on to make a decision that will change the political landscape of the future of this vibrant, volatile island.
(from 11 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
by BeFrank Theatre Company
at New Diorama Theatre
The country is in a state of siege. The capital is on fire. Riot-police, specialist units and snipers are fighting the mob violently. Protesters are arming themselves with homemade weapons, torching police buses, throwing petrol bombs and besieging government buildings…
(from 28 Apr 2015 - Closing on 23 May 2015)
by Alistair McDowall
at Orange Tree Theatre
Ollie's sister is missing. Searching Manchester in desperation, she finds all roads lead to Pomona, an abandoned concrete island at the heart of the city. Here at the centre of everything, journeys end and nightmares are born.
(from 12 Nov 2014 - Closing on 13 Dec 2014)
based on Aristophanes' Plutus and Ben Johnson’s The Staple of News.
at Albany, The
Money controls the world we live in. Whether you have it or not, the power of money is a driving force; determining lives, characters and actions. In this brand new production Belarus Free Theatre explore how theatre has depicted money throughout the ages; from ancient Greece, through the Elizabethan golden-age to today’s fractured economy.
(from 16 Sep 2014 - Closing on 20 Sep 2014)
by Steve Jordan
at Tristan Bates Theatre
Cynthia's university life is a nightmare. She hates her peers, her campus and she's beginning to hate herself. Her only 'friend' is Nicole - a scatterbrained party girl, desperate for popularity. In an effort to move up the social ladder, they join the only student society that appeals - the Speculative Analysis Society (Spec Anal for short) - a group on a quest to prove the existence of the paranormal.
(from 28 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
by Kate Glover
at Barons Court Theatre
When Queen Anne, shy, gout-ridden and overweight, ascends the throne in 1702, the Jacobites, proto-terrorists, will stop at nothing to kill her and put her half brother the Roman Catholic James Stuart on the throne.
(from 08 Jul 2014 - Closing on 03 Aug 2014)
By Angelina Weld Grimké
at Finborough Theatre
Rachel's dreams of getting married and becoming a mother collide with the tragic events of her family’s past as she confronts the harsh reality of a racist world.
(from 30 Sep 2014 - Closing on 25 Oct 2014)
dramatisation of Pat Barker’s novel is adapted for the stage by Nicholas Wright
at Richmond Theatre
A look at war and its devastating effects: a powerful, humane anthem for the youth of WWI.
(from 27 Oct 2014 - Closing on 01 Nov 2014)
adaptations by Will Gore, Gareth Jandrell and Emily Juniper.
at New Diorama Theatre
With new adaptations from emerging writers Will Gore, Gareth Jandrell and Emily Juniper, Actors from The Faction’s core ensemble will appear alongside guest performers in these triple bills that combine The Faction’s aesthetic with the intimacy and immediacy of live solo performance.
(from 02 Sep 2014 - Closing on 20 Sep 2014)
Based on Rebecca West's celebrated 1918 novel. Music by Charles Miller, Book and Lyrics by Tim Sanders
at Jermyn Street Theatre
Based on Rebecca West's celebrated 1918 novel of the home front, a bitter-sweet tale dissects the very different love of three women for Christopher.
(from 02 Sep 2014 - Closing on 20 Sep 2014)
by Paul Grootboom and Aubrey Sekhabi
at Theatre Royal, Stratford East - Stratford Circus
Thabo Mbeki was the man charged with succeeding Nelson Mandela as the second post-apartheid President of South Africa in 1999. After a controversial nine years in high office, Rhetorical revisits some of his most famous speeches, laying bare his powers of persuasion, style of governance and impact on citizens.
(from 14 Oct 2014 - Closing on 18 Oct 2014)
RING CYCLE PLAYS, THE - A Tale of Gods and Monsters!
Devised by Phil Willmott and Mervyn Millar; Adapted from Richard Wagner's librettos by Lisa Kuma
at Scoop at More London
It’s a tale of gods, giants, nymphs, dwarfs and humans, revealing how both mortals and immortals fall under the spell of a powerful ring, possession of which brings the chaos and glory of absolute power!
(from 06 Aug 2014 - Closing on 31 Aug 2014)
By William Shakespeare
at New Diorama Theatre
A stroke of fate - and a raucous party - leads a forbidden relationship to blossom as Romeo and Juliet are unable to resist their desire for each other. Shakespeare’s star crossed lovers are synonymous with young love. Conflict, passion and heartbreak burst out of this legendary text.
(from 06 Jan 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by William Shakespeare
at Temple Church
In the scorching heat of summer, the streets of Verona simmer with tension. Two rival families are fighting an undeclared war. With emotions running high, Verona is a powder keg of barely suppressed violence. And when love strikes the houses of Montague and Capulet, it sparks a chain of events that will blow the city apart.
(from 30 Aug 2014 - Closing on 07 Sep 2014)
by Jonny O’Neill
at Half Moon Theatre
The Royal Duchess Superstore tells the story of Terry, recently returned to East London following a long stretch in prison. The play highlights the changes that have taken place in his local area and Terry’s struggles to cope with his new environment, typified by the fate of his favourite pub, the Royal Duchess, which has become a corner shop.
(from 09 Sep 2014 - Closing on 21 Sep 2014)
by Danny Robins
at Hackney Empire
Rudy's Rare Records is a tiny down-at-heel old reggae record shop in Birmingham. Father and son must put their differences aside as they face a battle to keep the music alive. Rudy’s Rare Records shows how desperate times draw families together, even when you can’t stand the sight of each other.
(from 24 Sep 2014 - Closing on 05 Oct 2014)
by Engineer Theatre Collective
at New Diorama Theatre
In 2013, Engineer Theatre Collective began a dialogue with the latest generation of aspiring financiers. Whilst they hold little power today, these young professionals will be running our banks, trading our stocks and managing our pensions tomorrow.
(from 25 Nov 2014 - Closing on 29 Nov 2014)
by Idle Motion
at New Diorama Theatre
In 1934 a young German refugee flees to Paris and discovers the genius of photography She reinvents herself as Gerda Taro, becoming one of the pioneering women to photograph the front line. In this production Idle Motion expose one of the most remarkable untold stories of our age.
(from 24 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
Created and staged by Russian performance artist Slava Polunin.
at Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall
Russian clown theatrical extravaganza, incorporpating mime, clowning and physical theatre.
(from 17 Dec 2014 - Closing on 05 Jan 2015)
by Toby Mitchell
at St James Theatre
Tells the story of Billy, a spoilt young goat whose parents give him everything he wants. And what he doesn't get from them, he steals from his friends. On New Year's Eve, Billy is looking forward to the annual visit of the legendary Snow Dragon, who will bring him even more goodies during the night... But when Billy bumps into some hungry wolves in the forest, New Year's Day seems a long way off. Find out how Billy escapes - and whether the Snow Dragon will bring him a present. Has Billy been naughty or nice?
(from 09 Dec 2014 - Closing on 04 Jan 2015)

at Richmond Theatre

(from 05 Dec 2014 - Closing on 11 Jan 2015)
by Rolf Hochhuth, translated by Jennifer Bakst and adapted by Gwynne Edwards
at Finborough Theatre
In June 1914, Europe was enjoying unprecedented peace and prosperity. Little over a month later, the world was at war and only a handful of people knew it was happening.
(from 05 Aug 2014 - Closing on 30 Aug 2014)
by John McCann
at Theatre Royal, Stratford East
In front of the world's media, Scotland’s Foreign Minister will shortly deliver a keynote speech outlining the newly-independent nation’s relationship with the former UK. But there’s a problem. She’s refusing to speak the words she’s been given. There’s something else she wants to say. At odds with her Party, and pursued by a harassed Party worker, she has a decision to make; toe the line or take back control.
(from 28 Aug 2014 - Closing on 13 Sep 2014)
by Duncan Battman
at Hen and Chickens Theatre
If a friend or loved one was faced with a terminal illness, how far would you be willing to go to help end their suffering?
(from 12 Aug 2014 - Closing on 16 Aug 2014)
SWEENEY TODD - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by Hugh Wheeler
at Twickenham Theatre
Set in 19th century England, the musical tells the story of Benjamin Barker, aka Sweeney Todd, who returns to London after 15 years' transportation on trumped-up charges. When he finds out that his wife poisoned herself after being raped by the judge who transported him, he vows revenge on the judge and, later, other people too. He teams up with a piemaker, Mrs. Lovett, and opens a barbershop in which he slits the throats of customers and has them baked into pies.
(from 10 Sep 2014 - Closing on 04 Oct 2014)
by Craig Crosbie
at Pentameters Theatre
Three x 25 minute one-man shows by Craig Cosbie
(from 23 Jul 2014 - Closing on 03 Aug 2014)
by The Faction
at New Diorama Theatre
Tom Ripley is a nobody given the unexpected chance to make a name for himself in Europe. When he first meets Dickie Greenleaf, Tom’s skills for forging signatures, telling lies and impersonating just about anybody are nothing more than impressive games. But as his friendship with Dickie grows to obsession, Tom’s talents have very dangerous consequences.
(from 10 Jan 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by William Shakespeare
at London Theatre New Cross
Shakespeare's early comedy follows the money-grabbing Petruchio as he attempts to turn the bad-tempered and agressive Katherine into an obedient housewife.
(from 14 Oct 2014 - Closing on 19 Oct 2014)
by Molière
at Space, The
Join us for a hot, raucous evening in Orgon’s Speakeasy, a jiving den of salacious activity hidden inside a church. Tartuffe’s faux religious piety is making Orgon’s family sweat as he manipulates them for his lusty purpose, spinning the situation out of control.
(from 07 Oct 2014 - Closing on 25 Oct 2014)
by Emile Zola, Music by Craig Adams. Book, Lyrics by Nona Shepphard
at Park Theatre, Park200
A new musical adaptation. 1860s Paris. In a small dusty haberdasher’s shop near the Seine in the dank, narrow Passage du Pont Neuf, the young and beautiful Therese Raquin is trapped into a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin, Camille.
(from 30 Jul 2014 - Closing on 24 Aug 2014)
by Emile Zola, Music by Craig Adams. Book, Lyrics by Nona Shepphard
at Park Theatre, Park200
A new musical adaptation. 1860s Paris. In a small dusty haberdasher’s shop near the Seine in the dank, narrow Passage du Pont Neuf, the young and beautiful Therese Raquin is trapped into a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin, Camille.
(from 30 Jul 2014 - Closing on 24 Aug 2014)
by Noel Coward
at Finborough Theatre
Edward Churt is a successful painter. His wife Carol has a "vivid personality composed of a minimum of intellect and a maximum of sex". Increasingly aware of her infidelity, Edward defends himself with a veneer of sophisticated insouciance. But his best friend and army comrade is determined to avenge him...
(from 15 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
Music by Jeanine Tesori, Lyrics by Dick Scanlan, Book by Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan. Based on the 1967 film.
at Theatro Technis
Thoroughly Modern Millie, set in the Roaring twenties flapper era, tells the story of a small-town girl, Millie Dillmount, who comes to New York City to marry for money instead of love - a thoroughly modern aim in 1922, when women were just entering the workforce. Millie soon begins to take delight in the flapper lifestyle, but problems arise when she checks into a hotel owned by Mrs Meers, the leader of a white slavery ring in China.
(from 01 Oct 2014 - Closing on 29 Oct 2014)
by William Shakespeare / Thomas Middleton
at Space, The
A tale of greed and creditors gone bad – Timon of Athens resonates with a world flooded with newspaper headlines and stories about credit, false expenses claims and the constant lending and borrowing of cold, hard cash.
(from 29 Jul 2014 - Closing on 02 Aug 2014)
by Harper Lee, adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel
at Richmond Theatre
Jem and Scout’s idyllic childhood innocence is shattered by the realisation that prejudice rules their town when their father defends a young black man falsely accused of raping a white woman and the family becomes a target of gossip and abuse.
(from 12 May 2015 - Closing on 16 May 2015)
by William Shakespeare, adapted by Ricky Dukes
at Tristan Bates Theatre
Two young lovers are thrust into the tempest of war, their love tested, punished and ultimately torn apart. When war and lechery confound all, what chance is there for love?
(from 18 Aug 2014 - Closing on 06 Sep 2014)
By William Shakespeare
at Richmond Theatre
A story of love, disguise and mistaken identities.
(from 18 Nov 2014 - Closing on 22 Nov 2014)
By Anton Chekhov, in a new version by Anya Reiss
at St James Theatre
This new version of Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya has been transposed to a modern day rural setting.
(from 08 Oct 2014 - Closing on 08 Nov 2014)
Based on the comic-book by Stan Sakai and adapted for the stage by Stewart Melton
at Southwark Playhouse - The Large Space
17th Century Japan. A world of bandit racoons, feline ninjas and warring animal clans.
(from 28 Nov 2014 - Closing on 04 Jan 2015)
by Sydney Goodsir Smith
at Finborough Theatre
The Wallace tells the story of William Wallace’s radicalisation as an ordinary man is transformed through the love of his country into a leader and warrior, and offers a unique interpretation of his final days – culminating in an explosive and devastating confrontation with the King of England, Edward I.
(from 07 Sep 2014 - Closing on 23 Sep 2014)
Based on the book by Julia Donaldson; adapted by Graham Hubbard
at Cadogan Hall
Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len have a cunning plan to steal the farmer’s fine prize cow. But they reckon without the tiniest, quietest creature of all: The Ladybird has a plan of her own!
(from 24 Jul 2014 - Closing on 10 Aug 2014)
Written by Chris Morgan and featuring songs by Harry Parr Davies and Marguerite Monnot.
at London Theatre Workshop
Against the backdrop of the Second World War, a new musical set partly in Wales and partly in France.
(from 06 Aug 2014 - Closing on 23 Aug 2014)
by Camilla Whitehill
at Camden People's Theatre
Where do Little Birds go? is a tale of crime, kidnap and lost innocence in the heart of the 1960s East End.
(from 11 Aug 2014 - Closing on 17 Aug 2014)
WHISTLEBLOWER - The Story of Edward Snowden
by Richard Roques
at Waterloo East Theatre
Hero or Traitor? Edward Snowden is holed up in a hotel in Hong Kong. He has left his life in Hawaii, abandoned paradise, for a life on the run.
(from 08 Jul 2014 - Closing on 03 Aug 2014)
by Bernard Shaw
at Orange Tree Theatre
When Harry met Blanche by the banks of the Rhine he knew he'd met his match. He just needed the approval of her father, the fearsome Sartorius. But is he quite what he appears? Back in London, Harry must face jeopardising his relationship with the fiery Blanche to uphold his moral standards. Cokane's wry remarks won't help: the cynical Lickcheese must sort it all out.
(from 17 Dec 2014 - Closing on 31 Jan 2015)
by DH Lawrence
at Orange Tree Theatre
Lizzie Holroyd is at the end of her tether - to stick with the life she's been dealt or to escape. But such a monumental decision means facing the consequences. Set in a tight-knit mining community in 1914, the prolific playwright and novelist DH Lawrence paints a powerful story of a working class woman on the edge.
(from 03 Sep 2014 - Closing on 04 Oct 2014)


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