110 in the Shade

Penned by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones (the songwriting team behind the Worlds Longest Running Musical The Fantasticks) the show is based on N. Richard Nash's 1954 play The Rainmaker.

The show focuses on the unmarried Lizzie living in a small western town besieged by a long drought. Lizzie is dealing with another type of drought: her love life. Intelligent yet plain, she is worried that she will soon become an old maid with no one to love her. When a charismatic man named Starbuck arrives and claims the ability to make rain, Lizzie believes he is a con man with no abilities whatsoever. Little does she know that this man will change her life forever.

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Book by N. Richard Nash, Music by Harvey Schmidt, Lyrics by Tom Jones. Based on N. Richard Nash's play The Rainmaker.
Andrew Yon
Randy Smartnick
Songs by:
Music by Harvey Schmidt, Lyrics by Tom Jones
Kate McPhee
Cast list:
Laurel Dougall (Lizzie), Daniel Urch (Starbuck), Nick Wyschna (File), Rebecca Withers (Snookie), David West (Noah), Juian Quijano (Jim), Mikey Wooster (Joe), Amy Christen Ford (Beverly) Craig Nash (George), Natalie Durkin (Hannah), Francesca Pim (Sammie Sue), Henry Roadnight (Phil)

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