27, The The Cockpit Theatre

The Cockpit Theatre, London
The Cockpit Theatre, London
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New musical 27 is described as a "modern fable of our time, a dark interpretation of one of humanity’s oldest stories."

27, featuring 13 musical numbers and a cast of 15, is a shattering exploration of the fragility of life and the unwitting connections that bind us together. This rock musical with original lyrics and score serves up songs to die for and killer guitar riffs and will take you somewhere you probably didn’t think existed anymore.

Hendrix, Joplin, Cobain, Morrison and Winehouse: all music legends whose lives were tragically cut short at 27. 

Orpheus is a would-be rock star turned icon whose experiences of fame and notoriety lead him on a journey of unstoppable self-destruction. Another name for the list. At the tender age of 27. Another star, extinguished...

Previews from |
8th September 2016
Opening date |
12th September 2016
Booking from |
31st May 2020
Available until |
22nd October 2016
Closes |
22nd October 2016
Sam Cassidy
Adam Pritchard, Sam Cassidy and Nick Eve on behalf of 27 Musical London Limited.
Arlene Phillips (co-director), Sam Cassidy (co-director)
Songs by:
Matt Wills
Cast list:
Ryan Molloy, Cassie Compton, Greg Oliver, Jack Donnelly, Lucy Martin, Ryan Gibb, Jodie Jacobs, Maisie Bawden, Eloise Davies, Collette Guitart, Emily Kenwright, Sophie Ayers, Anthony Selwyn, Jason Kajdi and Kristian Cunningham.

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Our Review of 27


The Faustian myth is a well-worn trope of musical theatre, from George Abbott and Douglass Wallop's Damn Yankees (1955) to the recent new British musical Exposure at the St James Theatre. Pacts with the devil, or a figure thereof, provide ample dramatic function for a rise and fall narrative to attach itself to, whether that be baseball or, in the case of 27 “the rise of a falling star”, a frank and brutal look at the music industry and the untimely death of various historical... Read more

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