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A Chorus of Disapproval

Harold Pinter Theatre, London
A Chorus of Disapproval
Harold Pinter Theatre, London
Our Review 3 / 5

The Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society’s production of The Beggar’s Opera is going off the rails, that is until a handsome but shy young widower Guy joins the group. An instant hit with the company’s ferociously zealous director Dafydd and the show’s leading ladies, including Dafydd’s wife Hannah , Guy soon gets more than he bargained for as he discovers that all the best action happens off-stage. Classic songs fill the air as the drama on stage is mirrored by the romantic rivalry and small town squabbles causing a stir in the wings of this ambitious local show.

Opening date |
17th September 2012
Available until |
5th January 2013
Categories |
Alan Ayckbourn
Cast list:
Rob Brydon, Nigel Harman, Ashley Jensen

Harold Pinter Theatre Venue Information

Harold Pinter Theatre, 6 Panton Street, London, SW1Y 4DN
Nearest tube:
Piccadilly Circus

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Our Review of A Chorus of Disapproval


Before the days of internet chat and online dating services, the average person might well have sought the comfort of strangers by getting involved in a pastime or hobby which would provide contact with other human beings. For some, that hobby could well have been amateur dramatics, as is the case with the central character in this play by prolific writer Alan Ayckbourn. Read more

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