A Day By The Sea

A Day by the Sea, The Southwark Playhouse

Two’s Company is delighted to return to Southwark Playhouse for the fourth production in four years: What The Women Did (2014), The Cutting of the Cloth (2015), The Fifth Column(2016) and now A Day by the Sea. 

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It is a fine day in May, 1953.

A work-obsessed diplomat based in Paris makes a rare visit to his mother, who lives at the beautiful family home in Dorset. He is disconcerted to find an old childhood friend also visiting with her children, her life now blighted by scandal. His mother, heartily sceptical about politicians meddling in foreign affairs, would like him to calm down and get married. A family picnic on the beach might be just the thing but even there a work colleague brings him news he had not expected to hear.

Do we always see the past through rose-tinted spectacles? If, after years dominated by his work, he can discover what really matters in life, can he get it? Can we? A Day by the Sea, hugely popular in its time, asks this very question.

Tricia Thorns
Neill Brinkworth
Candice Weaver
Alex Marker
Emily Stuart
Cast list:
David Acton, Alix Dunmore, David Gooderson, Hugh Sachs, John Sackville, Tatum Smith-Sperling, Jack Swift, Beatrix Taylor, George Taylor, Susan Tracy, David Whitworth, Stephanie Willson

Southwark Playhouse

77-85 Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6BD
Nearest tube:
Elephant & Castle, Borough

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