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"Politics has become too serious a matter to be left to politicians"

TS Eliot

Acclaimed director Max Stafford-Clark teams up with some of our most celebrated playwrights for an evening of political satire.

Alistair Beaton and Stella Feehily make merry with the machinations behind the closed doors of our major political parties. David Hare attacks the cult of the free market, through a visitation from its chief priestess. 

Mark Ravenhill eyes the cost of our military adventures as a soldier’s mother does all she can to avoid hearing the news she dreads. And Caryl Churchill imagines a world where even language is sponsored.

Funny, angry, and playful, A View from Islington North is smart entertainment for the head and heart.

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A View From Islington North Synopsis: 

A mixed evening of political satire

THE ACCIDENTAL LEADER by Alistair Beaton: Jim, a backbench MP in the party of Her Majesty’s Opposition is attempting to orchestrate a very British coup. But trouble comes in the shape of Nina, Deputy Chair of the party’s grass roots organisation…‘Impetus’.

HOW TO GET AHEAD IN POLITICS by Stella Feehily: The Chief Whip practices his dark arts on an MP, who doesn’t stand a chance...

AYN RAND TAKES A STAND by David Hare: Members of the current government, feeling their ideology fall apart, receive a bracing visit from Ayn Rand, the high priestess of the free market.

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE by Caryl Churchill: Imagines a world where even language is sponsored.

THE MOTHER by Mark Ravenhill: Eyes the cost of our military adventures, as a soldier’s mother does all she can to avoid hearing the news she dreads.

Age Restrictions: 
Recommend for 14+, includes swearing.
Alistair Beaton, Caryl Churchill, Stella Feehily, David Hare, Mark Ravenhill
Karl Sydow and Out of Joint
Max Stafford-Clark
Jason Taylor
Dyfan Jones
Tim Shortall
Cast list: 
Sarah Alexander (until 4 June), Ann Mitchell, Bruce Alexander, Steve John Shepherd, Jane Wymark, Joseph Prowen, Kathryn O’Reilly (from 6 June)
Other info: 
Original music by Billy Bragg
A View From Islington North Schedule
Opening date: 
Tuesday, 24 May, 2016
Available from: 
Saturday, 2 July, 2016
Booking to: 
Saturday, 2 July, 2016
Saturday, 2 July, 2016
6-7 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7JB
Nearest tube:
Leicester Square

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016
West End interview with writer Alistair Beaton

Writer Alistair Beaton is widely regarded as one of Britain's top political satirists, whose work spans theatre, film, television and radio. His work on TV includes 'A Very Social Secretary' which launched More4 in 2005, along with the Channel 4 film 'The Trial of Tony Blair' which was nominated for a BAFTA award.

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