Anatomy of Arthmetic

Anatomy of Arithmetic

Ratio TV, a horrifically manic late-thirties Peter Pan, is a bullsh*t philosopher anddelusional mathematician who believes he is the next Alan Turing. This typhoon ofemotion and aggression endlessly equates every problem he faces to his nonsensicalfacts and figures. Laying in his bed is the much younger and impressionable, Mouse, an'avant garde balloon artist'. Together they spend their dope sick days, immersed inchasing that constant high to feed heir vices.
As they race around their East London flat they immerse themselves in unsuccessfulattempts at starting their Kraftwerk knockoff band 'EEKQUAYZHUN' and avoidingany attempts to grow up. Soon they realize their festering wounds of psychologicaltoxicity is eating them alive. It’s only when they believe to have solved part of theirproblem - that they are the result of all the bad that proceeded them - can they begin todetox and find the answer, does one plus one really does equal two?

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Whit Hertford
Riot Act
Whit Hertford
Isotta Anchisi
Cast list:
Whit Hertford, Libbi Fox, Justin Stahley, Lilly Driscoll

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