Another Country

What would lead a man to betray his country? What would lead a boy to betray his friends? Another Country follows a company of public schoolboys through a summer term in the early 1930s where Bennett and Judd are both outsiders; one coming to terms with his homosexuality, the other already a committed Marxist. But the Establishment has traditional ways of dealing with rebels and when a scandal rocks the school, the young men must confront their beliefs and make choices which will have a momentous impact on their lives and on the future of their country.

Julian Mitchell
Jeremy Herrin

Trafalgar Studio One

14 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2DY, GB-WSM, GB
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"You can't beat a good public school for learning to conceal your true feelings". snarls Rob Callender as the willowy, languid, teasing Guy Bennett. This is Julian Mitchell's imagined prototype of Guy Burgess and the other Cambridge spies - Philby, McLean and Blunt. All shared a restrictive 1930's public-school background with its lethal combination of covert homosexuality and vicious... Read more

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