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Thirteen people have tried to kill the president of the United States. Four have succeeded. These murderers and would be murderers are generally dismissed as maniacs and misfits who have little in common with each other, and nothing in common with the rest of us. Assassins suggests otherwise. The individual stories of the nine successful and unsuccessful US presidential assassins are intriguingly woven together in this darkly humorous and powerful award-winning musical that features some of Sondheim’s most compelling and lyrical music. Set in an amusement park shooting gallery where time bends and characters who never actually knew one another come face to face, Sondheim and Weidman explore the misfits who wanted to change history.

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John Weidman
BB Productions
TJ Lloyd
Songs by:
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Other info:
Musical Direction Bridget Biggar

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