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The Bridge Theatre, London
Bach & Sons
The Bridge Theatre, London
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Bach and Sons is at the Bridge Theatre. Bach and Sons tickets are available on London Theatre now. 

Johann Sebastian Bach, irascible and turbulent, writes music of sensuous delight for his aristocratic patrons, and gives voice to his deep religious faith in music for the church. He’s touchy, he’s fabulously rude, he has high standards (he stabs a bassoonist for playing badly) and he’s constantly in trouble with his employers.

Music is the family business – both his wives and all his children are musicians. His eldest son, Wilhelm, is brilliant, chaotic and paralysed by his father’s genius. Tense, industrious Carl is less talented than his father but more successful. As the years pass, their gripping family drama provokes furious arguments about love, God and above all music. What is it for – to give pleasure, like a cup of coffee in the sun, or to reveal the divine order that gives life its meaning?

Nina Raine’s beautiful, profound and funny new play is an anthem to the art that draws us together and sings of our common humanity.

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Previews from |
23rd June 2021
Opening date |
29th June 2021
Booking from |
20th August 2021
Available until |
11th September 2021
Closes |
11th September 2021
Run time |
2 hours 30 minutes (one interval)
Nina Raine
Nicholas Hytner
Jon Clark
Gareth Fry
Vicki Mortimer
Khadija Raza
Cast list:
Simon Russell Beale, Samuel Blenkin, Pandora Colin, Ruth Lass, Dougie McMeekin, Rachael Ofori, Pravessh Rana

The Bridge Theatre Venue Information

The Bridge Theatre, 3 Potters Fields Park, London, SE1 2SG
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Our Review of Bach & Sons


When the family business is music, and your father happens to be a genius, are you destined for glittering achievement – or a life underscored by inadequacy? That’s a recurring motif in this new play by Nina Raine, who, as the daughter of poet Craig Raine, knows a thing or two about living with a celebrated patriarch. It's a piece about creativity and commerce, about the difficulty of balancing artistic integrity with economic survival. Read more

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Photo credit: Simon Russell Beale and Racheal Ofari (Photos by Charlie Carter and Sam Irons respectively)
Full casting for ‘Bach & Sons’ announced, starring Simon Russell Beale
Monday, 10 May, 2021, 14:45
The complete cast for the world premiere of Nina Raine’s Bach & Sons has been named. They’ll join the previously named Simon Russell Beale in the production, running at the Bridge Theatre from 23 June - 9 September. Musical talent runs in Johann Sebastian Bach’s family, with his wives and childrens possessing a gift. Bach’s eldest son Wilheim shows more talent, yet the younger son Carl is achieving more in his career. As the years pass, the family argue about love,...
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