Behind The Beautiful Forevers

Olivier Theatre, National, London
Behind The Beautiful Forevers
Olivier Theatre, National, London
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Cast includes Meera Syal. India is surging with global ambition. But beyond the luxury hotels surrounding Mumbai airport lies a makeshift slum, full of people with plans of their own. Zehrunisa and her son Abdul aim to recycle enough rubbish to fund a proper house.

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10th November 2014
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5th May 2015
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David Hare, based on the book by Katherine Boo
Rufus Norris

Olivier Theatre, National Venue Information

Olivier Theatre, National, South Bank, London, SE1 9PX
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Our Review of Behind The Beautiful Forevers


Forbidden Broadway used to have a great line about Les Miserables and its merchandising opportunities: ""Rich folks pay fifty bucks a shirt / that has a starving pauper on it. I couldn't help thinking of this line as I watched the National's expensively-produced new show about people living in slum conditions on the edges of Mumbai Airport: it has cost a lot of money to show this. Read more

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