Every night on the news there’s literally always some sort of massively catastrophic end-of-the-world shit going down: genocide, earthquake, terrorism, school shooting – it’s endless, you know? And I always wonder ‘how would I cope, if that happened to me?’

Transferring after a sell-out, award-nominated run at Theatre503, Stuart Slade's BU21 follows six Londoners in the aftermath of a fictitious terrorist attack. In turn terrifying, inspiring, brutal, heart-breaking and hilarious, this is verbatim theatre from the very near future. Based on real testimonies gathered from a variety of terrorist incidents including the 7/7 bombings, 9/11, the Paris attacks and the 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack, Slade’s BU21 is terrifyingly credible.

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BU21 running time: 
2 hours 20 minutes
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A beautiful sunny morning in London, planes leaving vapour trails across a cloudless sky. Then a sudden flash of light and, for thousands of people across the capital, everything changes forever. Here, six survivors come together in a support group to tell their stories – what they witnessed on the day and how this has affected their lives.

Stuart Slade
Tim Johanson and Mark Cartwright
Dan Pick
Christopher Nairne
Owen Crouch
Alex Doidge-Green
Cast list:
Alexander Forsyth, Clive Keene, Florence Roberts, Graham O’Mara, Isabella Laughland, Roxana Lupu

Trafalgar Studio Two

14 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2DY
Nearest tube:
Charing Cross
Seating Plan:

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Our BU21 Review

Sometimes theatre can bring you face to face with one of your greatest fears and provide moments of sheer hilarity whilst unpacking a distressing and altogether troubling subject. Simon Slade's BU21 does just this, tapping into the fear, anxieties and unspoken worries that currently plague Londoners - the notion that a terrorist attack on the city and its people is more a question of 'when'... Read more

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