Cast includes Nathalie Armin, Rudi Dharmalingam, Vincent Ebrahim, Ranjit Krishnamma, Anjli Mohindra, Anneika Rose, Chook Sibtain, Anjana Vasan. 1659. Mughal India. The imperial court, a place of opulence and excess; music, drugs, euniches and harems. Two brothers, whose mother's death inspired the Taj Mahal, are heirs to this Muslim empire. Now they fight ferociously for succession.

Shahid Nadeem, adapted by Tanya Ronder
Nadia Fall

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After the current Behind the Beautiful Forevers, which told a contemporary story of life in the slums of a neighbourhood on the edges of India's Mumbai airport, the National offers another bracing encounter with South Asian culture - this time by way of the imperial court in 17th century Mughal, that tells of a succession struggle between two Princes there and plays out a philosophical battle... Read more

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