Derren Brown: Miracle

Cast includes Derren Brown MIRACLE has a more philosophical flavour and invites audiences to look at ways of thinking that might make us all happier.

Derren Brown will be performing his show Underground in London this autumn. Click here for more information.

Andy Nyman, Andrew O’Connor & Derren Brown
Andy Nyman and Andrew O'Connor

Palace Theatre

109-113 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 5AY
Nearest tube:
Leicester Square

Derren Brown: Miracle Customer reviews

Our Derren Brown: Miracle Review

A bit like audiences are urged at the curtain calls of The Mousetrap not to betray its outcome, so Derren Brown also asks us not to reveal the details of his new show Miracle for fear of spoiling the enjoyment and surprise of future audiences. That makes it tricky to review, of course, but it's a secret you'll willingly want to keep. There's no one quite like Brown in the world today for... Read more

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