Exposure closed on 27 August 2016.

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Young photographer Jimmy Tucker faces the biggest and most exciting challenge of his life when a stranger commissions him to find and shoot the seven deadly sins alive and kicking in modern London. But in a break-neck race through the night, a series of extraordinary encounters involving girlfriends, family history and the intoxicating cult of celebrity begin to reveal that there's a whole lot more at stake than just money.



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Exposure running time: 
2 hours 20 minutes
26 images
Contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature. 
Mike Dyer, with Quentin Russell as script consultant and dramaturgy by Phil Willmott;
Camera Theatre Productions Ltd
Phil Willmott
Songs by:
Music and lyrics co-written by Mike Dyer, Philip Cohen, Vince Hudson, Fred Johanson, Clayton Moss, Sara Eker Peller, Mark Street and Adrian Wyatt
Ben Cracknell
Timothy Bird
Carla Goodman
Cast list:
David Albury (Jimmy), Natalie Anderson (Tara), Andy Barke (Ensemble), Rhiannon Duncan (Lust/Ensemble), Zeph Gould (CEO/Sloth/Ensemble), Michael Greco (Miles Mason), Kurt Kansley (Jimmy¹s Father/Envy/Ensemble), Stevie Mahoney (Ensemble), Niamh Perry (Pandora), Cassie Rogers (Ensemble), Lauren Stroud (Ensemble), Jahrel Thomas (Aid Worker/Gluttony/Ensemble), Manny Tsakanika (Ensemble), Ella-Rose Whitehouse (Ensemble)

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