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Cast includes: Natascha McElhone (Alex Forrest), Mark Bazeley (Dan Gallagher), Kristin Davis (Beth Gallagher). The famous story of obsession and revenge explores how a chance meeting in a bar and a casual encounter quickly becomes a living nightmare for Dan Gallagher, a successful New York lawyer, and his young family. After spending one weekend with the gorgeous Alex Forrest, he assumes he can just walk away, but Alex is a woman who refuses to be ignored. She pursues Dan and his family with terrifying consequences.

Trevor Nunn

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The theatre's ongoing determination to exploit the back film catalogue for theatrical gain continues unbroken (and unbidden, at least by me). The venerable Theatre Royal Haymarket - which once premiered plays by none other than Oscar Wilde - is now home to the latest theatrical knock-off of a well-known film title. This very theatre has over the last few years already hosted feeble stage... Read more

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