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Fatherland closed on 23 June 2018.

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Fatherland is a bold, ambitious show about contemporary fatherhood in all its complexities and contradictions. Created by Frantic Assembly’s Scott Graham, Karl Hyde from Underworld and playwright Simon Stephens (Punk Rock, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time), this daring collage of words, music and movement will transform the Lyric, animated by a 13-strong cast and a multitude of voices.

Fatherland is a vivid, urgent and deeply personal portrait of 21st-century England at the crossroads of past, present and future. Inspired by conversations with fathers and sons from the trio’s home towns in the heart of the country, the show explores identity, nationality, masculinity – and what it means to belong in a world weighed down by the expectations of others.

Tender and tough, honest and true, Fatherland is a vital and necessary show about what we were, who we are and what we’d like to become.

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Scott Graham, Karl Hyde, Simon Stephens
Scott Graham
Songs by:
Karl Hyde
Jon Clark
Ian Dickinson for Autograph Sound
Jon Bausor
Eddie Kay

Lyric Hammersmith

King Street, Lyric Square, London, W6 0QL
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Fatherland Customer reviews

Our Fatherland Review

Watching Fatherland at the Lyric Hammersmith, you know this very personal play is going to affect everyone in the room very differently. ‘Dad’ is a very personal word; it can conjure feelings of pride, love, loss and regret. What Fatherland does is create a weaving tapestry of what fatherhood means to 15 people interviewed for the piece, from men finding out they are to become dads to the last... Read more

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Declan Bennett
Declan Bennett to lead cast of Fatherland at Lyric Hammersmith
Thursday, April 5, 2018

The full casting has been announced for Fatherland, a new project by Scott Graham, Karl Hyde and Simon Stephens, which opens at the Lyric Hammersmith in May. The piece is inspired by conversations with fathers and sons in the writers’ hometowns (Corby, Kidderminster and Stockport), and explores identity, nationality and masculinity in modern day Britain. It is written by Stephens, directed by Graham and has compositions by Hyde (all three are credited as ‘co-authors’ of the piece). It runs at the Lyric Hammersmith from 25th May to 23rd June, with an official opening night on 31st May.

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