Force of Trump

Force of Trump

With all the bombast of the man himself – and one fetching blonde wig – Force of Trump is a timely, and very bitter farce about a very scary man: a whistle-stop tour through the 21st century’s politics of populism and hate.

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2017. Donald Trump is President. And he’s just been banned from the United Kingdom. Stuck on Air Force One, The Donald is trying to make his first state visit to the UK. All the while, allegations are flung at him: the USA and UK have gone to war in Syria, and Trump is accused of authorising American troops to torture Muslim British soldiers. As tensions mount, a ban on the President is enforced and Donald J Trump struggles to negotiate his way into the country.

Sami Ibrahim
cough drop theatre
Sami Ibrahim
Jake Wood
Jake Wood
Emma Hollows & Sami Ibrahim
Cast list:
Chris Born (Donald Trump), Phoebe Vigor

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