Gate, The Cockpit Theatre

In GATE, Fitzalan Howard challenges the theories of the great ‘thinkers’: when evolutionists tell us that we’re just trying to spread our genes, economists tell us that all we do is maximize our self-interest, and psychologists tell us that we just want to get laid, is it true that we only act on narrow material desires or do our wider spiritual beliefs still count for something?

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It is an average Thursday morning at ‘The Gate’ in Wapping, East London, and, like every first-born child in her family for generations, Eve is guarding it carefully. It’s going to be a busy day - there are four new appointments booked in. The trouble is none of the clients knew they were coming… because nobody knows the gate exists until they reach it, and to reach the gate you have to be dead.

Artemis Fitzalan Howard
Cockpit Theatre by Artemis Fitzalan Howard for Deadpan Theatre.
Sadie Spencer
Alex Berry

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