Holding the Man

Holding the Man, The Brockley Jack Studio

Holding the Man is a coming-of-age drama about first love and loss, conveyed with warmth and humour in this immersive stage production. It is a true-to-life story about growing up in Melbourne as a young gay man, and the fight for human rights and equality.

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Australia. Melbourne. 1976. Tim catches a glimpse of handsome school mate and captain of the football team, John. Their first kiss is an exciting game. Their 15 years of life together a constant battle against discrimination, separation and temptation, all set against the pivotal events that define the era they live in. But there is an enemy present that no love can conquer.

stage adaptation by Tommy Murphy, based on the book by Timothy Conigrave
Big Boots Theatre
Sebastian Palka
Tom Butler
Przemyslaw Piotr Klonowski
Roman Berry
Cast list:
Christopher Hunter (Tim) Paul-Emile Forman (John), Marla-Jane Lynch, Dickon Farmar, Emma Zadow, Sam Goodchild

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