Is This Thing On?

Is This Thing On?, The Old Red Lion Theatre

Joanna has always struggled with setting boundaries. Maybe that’s why when her best friend offers to find her a boyfriend, she just goes along with it. Or not a boyfriend, they haven't discussed that. Wait, what have they discussed? Finding her place in a world that wants girls to be seen and not heard, will she be able to raise her voice?

Frigg Theatre presents, Is This Thing On?  a  story of love gone wrong. It is a story of growing up and coming to terms with the past. Is love truly blind or does it just feign ignorance? And when it comes down to it, can she put her foot down? Is This Thing On? discusses the different ways violence can manifest in relationships and the effects it can have on those who go through it.

Is This Thing On?  is an original play written by Disa Andersen. It tackles domestic violence and emotional development. Through the use of poetic prose and physical theatre, underscored by jazz music, the piece will take the audience on a journey through coming to terms with violence.

Frigg Theatre is a Nordic theatre company that aims to create original shows about subjects that are generally considered taboo in society. The company places a particular focus on issues relating to feminism.

‘This is a story I’d rather not tell’ is the story of many women in Britain today. Let’s not sweep them under the rug.

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Disa Andersen
Frigg Theatre

Old Red Lion Theatre

Above Old Red Lion Theatre Pub, 418 St John Street, London, EC1V 4NJ
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