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Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, Lyric Square
Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, Lyric Square
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Faith in the establishment collapsing everywhere. The far-right on the march. Culture wars and random violence – all decked out in red, white and blue. But a spirit of anarchy hangs in the air, the desire to burn it all down and start over…


Derek Jarman’s iconic film captured punk at its giddy height: a riot of music, DIY fashion, and every kind of sex – with a little pyromania thrown in. Now, forty years on, this new stage adaptation of Jubilee remixes it for the social and political turmoil of 2017. Centred around a marauding girl gang on a killing spree and a time-travelling Queen Elizabeth I, it’s a story of what happens when creativity and nihilism collide.

Featuring a soundtrack to die (horribly) for, and with a cast led by one of the film’s original cast members, legendary punk warrior Toyah Willcox, Jubilee is a free-spirited, gloriously rude, take-no-prisoners blast of a show, for young punks, old punks, and anyone who’s ever wanted to set the world on fire.

Previews from |
15th February 2018
Opening date |
20th February 2018
Booking from |
10th March 2018
Available until |
10th March 2018
Closes |
10th March 2018
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Adapted for the stage by Chris Goode from the original screenplay by Derek Jarman & James Whaley
A Royal Exchange Theatre, Lyric Hammersmith and Chris Goode & Company production
Chris Goode
Lee Curran
Timothy X Atack
Chloe Lamford
Cast list:
Travis Alabanza, Harold Finley, Craig Hamilton, Gareth Kieran-Jones, Tom RossWilliams, Sophie Stone, Temi Wilkey, Toyah Willcox
Other info:
Movement director: Sasha Milavic Davies

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Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, King Street, Lyric Square, London, W6 0QL
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Our Review of Jubilee


One of my colleagues sitting in front of me turned around at the interval and said that Jubilee was the worst play he'd seen in a decade. The husband of another skipped the second act entirely. As I was sorely tempted to do myself (though to do so would have meant I could not have filed this review, as you can't only cover half a show).  It's certainly a marmite show: yet another colleague told me later that after she reviewed it during its original run at Manchester's Royal... Read more

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