It’s 1979, rubbish is on the streets, and it’s tricky being Fiz. She's 13, she's got no money, her sister's pregnant and her mum thinks she’s a waste of space...

Rick remembers what it’s like to be a teenager. So when he decides to build a junk playground in Bristol, he's pretty sure he has the charisma to get a bunch of reluctant kids involved. He's wrong.

But with some old-fashioned emotional bribery, Rick persuades Fiz, Higgy and Ginger to help him. And the project turns from something that means nothing to something that means a lot. And kids that care about nothing, start to care a lot.  But darkness has a way of coming back and biting you when you least expect it.

A brilliantly honest and witty new musical from BAFTA Award-winning writer Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, This is England ‘90), and Academy Award-winning composer Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare in Love, Wolf Hall, Jerusalem). Directed by Evening Standard Award-winner Jeremy Herrin (Wolf Hall, People, Places and Things, This House), Junkyard is a coming-of-age story about friendship and standing up for what matters.

Junkyard running time: 
2 hours
Suitable for 12+, parental discretion - bad language used at times.
Book and Lyrics by Jack Thorne, Music by Stephen Warbeck
Headlong, Bristol Old Vic, Rose Theatre Kingston, Theatr Clwyd
Jeremy Herrin
Songs by:
Stephen Warbeck
Jack Knowles
Ian Dickinson for Autograph
Chiara Stephenson
Polly Bennett
Cast list:
Scarlett Brookes (Debbie), Calum Callaghan (Rick), Josef Davies (Ginger), Erin Doherty (Fiz), Kevin McMonagle (Malcolm), Enyi Okoronkwo (Talc), Seyi Omooba (Tilly), Lisa Palfrey (Mum), Jack Riddiford (Higgy) and Ciaran Alexander Stewart (Loppy).

Rose Theatre Kingston

24-26 High Street, Kingston, London, KT1 1HL, GB-KTT, GB
Venue Box Office:
020 8174 0090
Seating Plan:

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Our Junkyard Review

There's a charming anarchic quality to Jack Thorne and Stephen Warbeck's new musical Junkyard that on the one hand feels fresh and forward thinking yet still manages to feel narratively stinted and problematic. It's not your average new musical – Warbeck's score is electric and natural, stemming more from situation than character so much so that it becomes an almost seamless extension of... Read more

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