1978, New York. John Anderson is barely out of college and has landed himself a job onWall Street. His dreams of unimaginable wealth, travel and power are made a reality as hejets around the globe selling loans to developing countries eager to borrow. And there areplenty – Mexico, Brazil, Argentina…

But cracks in the banks’ excessive lending strategy soon start to show. Despite the warningsigns - and their consciences - John and his colleagues continue to pursue their targets,threatening to leave them all financially, and morally, bankrupt.


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Beth Steel
Hampstead Theatre
Anna Ledwich
Richard Howell
Max Pappenheim
Andrew D Edwards
Cast list:
Sean Delaney, Tom Weston-Jones, Eric Kofi Abrefa, Joseph Balderrama, Philip Bird, Martin McDougall, Alexia Traverse-Healy, Matt Whitchurch, Abubakar Salim, Elena Saurel, Christopher Sawalha and Ryan Ellsworth.

Hampstead Theatre

Eton Avenue, Swiss Cottage, London, NW3 3EU
Nearest tube:
Swiss Cottage
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Our Labyrinth Review

There's a big feeling of deja vu hanging over Labyrinth, a messy but nevertheless compelling new drama at Hampstead Theatre. Partly its the subject, namely the labyrinthine world of global finance in which American banks that have over-lent (whether, as here, to South American countries as in the financial crisis of the 1980s, or by selling sub-prime mortgages that contributed to the 2007-2009... Read more

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