Las Americas Above

Arts Theatre, London
Las Americas Above
Arts Theatre, London

Chaskis Theatre will take over Upstairs at The Arts Theatre for a 3 week festival to present the world premieres of: Human Emotional Process by José Rivera, Desert Rats by Nate Rufus Edelman and the European premieres of: Mothergun and Slow Falling Bird by Christine Evans.

Human Emotional Process: In an odd dystopian future, the United States government has become so powerful it has the ability to change the laws of nature. The government outlaws death. No one in America can die...

Desert Rats: Estranged brothers Frank and Jesse reunite to plan a kidnapping in a squalid motel room on a hellish day in Barstow. When day turns into night and their victim is brought out of the trunk, the siblings find their troubles have just begun.

Mothergun: A group of three war survivors with no common language struggle to survive in the mud of a refugee camp “somewhere between Europe and Hell”.

Slow Falling Bird: Set in an Immigration Detention Centre in the dead centre of the Australian desert, Slow Falling Bird moves from gritty realism to hallucinatory sequences as warping social and mental conditions on both sides of the wire lead to an explosive show-down.

Previews from |
27th July 2016
Opening date |
27th July 2016
Available until |
15th August 2016
Closes |
15th August 2016
Human Emotional Process by José Rivera; Desert Rats by Nate Rufus Edelman; Mothergun and Slow Falling Bird by Christine Evans.
Chaskis Theatre
Max Barton, Raymi Ortuste Quiroga, David Zoob, Hanna Berrigan; Hanna Berrigan
Cast list:
Aaron Anthony, Emma Drinkwater, Julian Protheroe, Josie Dunn, Huw Parmenter, Rowan Polonski, Tuyen Do, Tom Higgins, Andrew Jardine, Bradley Taylor, Rosie Akerman, Aaron Anthony, Josie Dunn, Rob Falconer, Hannah Harvey, Tim McFarland, Lorin Merhart, Huw Parmenter and Zoe Thorne.

Arts Theatre Venue Information

Arts Theatre, 6-7 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7JB
Nearest tube:
Leicester Square

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