Mad As Hell

Mad as Hell

A bar in Jamaica. The early 1960s. When womanizing, hell-raising film star Peter Finch meets Eletha Barrett, a charismatic island girl, they both get more than they bargained for. The relationship between Peter and Eletha scandalises Hollywood, and culminates in Finch’s Oscar-winning performance in Network.

A battle between the ‘isms and schisms’ of race and prejudice and the courage of love, Mad As Hell reveals for the first time how the backdrop to Finch’s iconic performance was as fiery as the role he played.

Cassie McFarlane first heard the story of Finch and Barrett from her mother and aunt who, like most Jamaicans of their time, were scandalised by Finch’s relationship with a ‘local gal’. Cassie won the Evening Standard Most Promising New Actress award for her starring role in Burning an Illusion, a pioneering film of black British cinema.

Cherry Truluck returns to Jermyn Street Theatre, where her many award-winning designs include All That Falland The Blinding Light.

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Cassie McFarlane and Adrian Hope
Cassie McFarlane
Cherry Truluck

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Network is one of the most exciting plays of the year, running at the National and starring the impeccable Bryan Cranston. That play is based on Paddy Chayefskey’s film about network news anchor Howard Beale whose infamous ‘Mad as Hell’ rant is one of American cinema’s most poignant monologues. 

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