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Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, London
Mischief Movie Night
Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, London
Improvised movies from Mischief Theatre
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Mischief Theatre, the award-winning company behind The Play That Goes Wrong, Peter Pan Goes Wrong and The Comedy About A Bank Robbery return to their comedy roots with Mischief Movie Night, the improvised movie live on stage! 

You suggest a genre, location and title and Mischief Theatre’s improvisers bring the show to life, complete with rewinds, fast forwards, directors cuts and a thrilling live score. 

Starring them, directed by you, Mischief Movie Night is a guaranteed comedy blockbuster!

Please note: that this venue will offer available seats based on social distancing. Once seats are booked, availability alters to reflect new socially distant seats. If you receive an error and are unable to confirm your seats please select alternatives as your original choice may no longer be socially distanced from neighbouring bookings.

You will receive an email to confirm your booking with us. 48 hours before performance you will receive a pre-visit email from the venue including a link to check in. You will be required to confirm that no members or your party have Covid-19 symptoms. After check-in your eticket will be sent to you by the venue within 24 hours. Once in the venue you will be required to wear a face covering and you will have your temperature checked.

Please note that social distancing will be in place at this venue. In rare cases this may necessitate us contacting you in order to amend your seat details in line with social distancing requirements. 


Subject to availability, tickets for Mischief Movie Night may be exchanged up to 24 hours prior to a performance. Tickets are exchanged on a like for like basis for a future performance and cannot exceed the value of the original booking. No partial refunds can be made if the value of the exchanged tickets is less than the original booking. If you need to exchange your booking please email us at priorityrequests@encore.co.uk

Previews from |
29th August 2021
Opening date |
29th August 2021
Closes |
29th August 2021
Run time |
1 hour
Suitable for 12+
Cast list:
Mike Bodie, Joshua Elliott, Dave Hearn, Harry Kershaw, Henry Lewis, Niall Ransome, Charlie Russell, Jonathan Sayer, Lauren Shearing, Henry Shields and Nancy Zamit

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre Venue Information

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4NU
Nearest tube:
Baker Street

Customer reviews

Our Review of Mischief Movie Night


There’s nothing like seeing old friends at holiday time, even if they’re onstage. Or especially if they’re onstage in this of all blighted years, which I’m sure many would agree can’t come to an end soon enough. Imagine my delight, therefore, late one recent afternoon to enter the newly socially distanced Vaudeville Theatre and find the ever-wonderful Mischief Theatre troupe back not with Magic Goes Wrong, the Penn and Teller collaboration with which they were last... Read more

Latest Mischief Movie Night News & Features

Photo credit: Cast of Mischief Movie Night (Photo by Pamela Raith Photography)
‘Mischief Movie Night’ to open at Riverside Studios, with additional livestreaming option
Wednesday, 19 May, 2021, 15:08
After performances of Mischief Movie Night were suspended at the Vaudeville Theatre last year, the improvisational film show has found a new London home. Mischief Movie Night will now run at Riverside Studios from 1 July - 1 August for in-person performances, with livestreaming options available during the run. Mischief Movie Night sees cast members create a new film based entirely on audience suggestions. During the run, there will be a “Sequel Sunday” on 18 July...
Photo credit: Nancy Zamit, Niall Ransome, Dave Hearn, Bryony Corrigan and Josh Elliott in Mischief Movie Night (Photo by Pamela Raith Photography)
‘Mischief Movie Night’ to livestream performances in December
Friday, 18 December, 2020, 15:35
Following the suspension of all West End performances, Mischief Movie Night is going online. A series of livestreamed performances have been announced, available for audiences worldwide from 27-31 December. Each performance of Mischief Movie Night is orchestrated by audience suggestions, with the cast asking for a film genre, location and title before improvising a full-length movie on the spot.  Mischief Movie Night began performances at the Vaudeville...
Photo credit: 2017 Mischief Movie Night cast (Photo by Darren Bell)
‘Mischief Movie Night’ begins performances at the Vaudeville Theatre
Wednesday, 09 December, 2020, 10:35
As well as The Play That Goes Wrong reopening at the Duchess Theatre tonight, Mischief Theatre’s Mischief Movie Night will also begin performances. Last seen at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre this summer, the improvisational show returns to the West End, with performances at the Vaudeville Theatre from 9 December - 31 Jan. 2021. Mischief Movie Night tickets are on sale now. Rather than the cast preparing a show, it’s down to the audience to decide what they...
Photo credit: Cast of Mischief Movie Night, 2017 (Photo by Darren Bell)
‘Mischief Movie Night’ to return to the West End this Christmas
Monday, 23 November, 2020, 12:26
Instead of Magic Goes Wrong reopening at the Vaudeville Theatre, the return of Mischief Movie Night will take its place. The improvisational comedy show will enjoy a two-month run at the Vaudeville, with performances from 9 December to 31 Jan. 2021. During each performance, cast members ask the audience for a genre, location and title for a brand new movie. Then, as the show develops, the Mischief Theatre company will bring the film to life. Originally titled Lights!...
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