Berlin. Eleven past eleven. Art teacher Melissa is about to do something drastic.

Seeking a place to hide, her ex-pupil Mehdi interrupts her momentum. Both embark on a turbulent journey, painting and battling their way through the past.

This explosive new play about self-destruction and rebirth attempts to understand the fear currently gripping the European psyche, and the threats that may be posed by our own alienated youth.

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Marion Bott
Zois Pigadas
Tim Boyd
Tim Boyd
Sophia Simensky
Cast list:
Sarah Alles, Moe Bar-el Mehdi, Ali Azhar Khan

Arcola Theatre

24 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL
Venue Box Office:
020 7503 1646
Nearest tube:
West Finchley / Woodside Park

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Playwright Marion Bott - 'Moormaid took shape as I sought the uncomfortable truths of European radicalisation'
Wednesday, April 18, 2018

- by Marion Bott I remember being back home in France, trying to imagine what would need to happen for me to join a terrorist group like Isis. In 2014, I heard the shocking news that former classmates did just that. I wanted to better understand how this could have happened, and so I took the decision to investigate the roots behind such decisions and the consequences that these traumatic events have on our individual and collective unconscious.

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