My Night With Reg

At Guy’s London flat, old friends and new gather to party through the night. This is the summer of 1985 and, for Guy and his circle, the world is about to change forever. Kevin Elyot’s comedy captures the fragility of friendship, happiness and life itself.

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Kevin Elyot
Robert Hastie

Apollo Theatre

31 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 7ES, GB-WSM, GB
Nearest tube:
Piccadilly Circus

My Night With Reg Customer reviews

Our My Night With Reg Review

"Boulevard" comedies used to be a West End staple - the Apollo was once home to the long-running Don't Dress for Dinner in the early 1990s. They've largely vanished from sight, but the gorgeously funny yet utterly heart-breaking My Night with Reg that brings a boulevard comedy back to the same Apollo Theatre could be re-titled 'Don't Dress for Breakfast' (spoiler alert: they don't dress for... Read more

It is 1994: AIDS is sending tremors of fear through a world of gay young men with multiple partners. Guy (a nuanced, funny, heartbreaking performance by Jonathan Broadbent) is a fussy, tubby, kindly host who has invited friends to his flat-warming party. He is the only one who is careful and anxious about the new danger , taking up knitting a cover for his draught-excluder “as a lust-... Read more

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