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Not I , Footfalls, Rockaby Tickets

Duchess Theatre, London
Not I , Footfalls, Rockaby
Duchess Theatre, London
Our Review 3 / 5

Not I is an intense monologue, set in a pitch-black space lit by a single beam of light. A disembodied female mouth floats eight feet above the stage and delivers a stream of consciousness, spoken, as Beckett directed, at the speed of thought. Rockaby explores loneliness and features a prematurely old woman dressed in an evening gown, sitting on a wooden rocking chair that appears to rock of its own accord. Footfalls features the distant voice of 'Mother' and May who paces back and forth like a metronome, on a bare strip of floor.

Opening date |
3rd February 2014
Closes |
15th February 2014
Categories |
Samuel Beckett
Cast list:
Lisa Dwan

Duchess Theatre Venue Information

Duchess Theatre, 3-5 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5LA
Nearest tube:
Covent Garden

Customer reviews

Our Review of Not I , Footfalls, Rockaby


A little of Samuel Beckett, the Irish poet, playwright and theatrical philosopher, goes a long way. There's only a little of him here in these three very short monologues, performed by the same actress, that runs less than an hour all in, but it casts dark shadows in every sense. Read more

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