Off The Kings Road

Off the Kings Road

After his wife’s recent passing, retired American Matt Browne takes a week’s respite in hisfavourite city, London. Checking into a small hotel, off the King’s Road, his stay unexpectedlyturns into a voyage of self-discovery: life, death and the whole damn thing.
Having planned to spend his days contemplating his place in the world as a single, ageing manwhile enjoying the city's culture, food, parks, museums and theatres, Matt’s time is suddenlytaken up by an overly zealous, kind-hearted hotel clerk, a widow and an unforeseen connectionwith a prostitute from Zagreb. And, to top it all, his psychiatrist is 12,000 miles away in BeverlyHills!
Matt Browne's world turns upside down as his seven day London sojourn tumbles intosurprising places that certainly weren’t on his agenda.

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Neil Koenigsberg
Underground Management in association with Jermyn Street Theatre
Alan Cohen
Claire Lyth

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