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Royal Court Theatre, London
Royal Court Theatre, London
Our Review 2 / 5

“Two bombs in one day is a foul coincidence”

“Don’t forget the lightning strike”

A normal day.

A person stands in the market square watching the world go by.

What happens next verges on the ridiculous?

There’s ice cream. Sunshine. Shops. Some dogs. A wedding. Bombs. Candles. Blood. Lightning. Sandwiches. Snipers. Looting. Gunshots. Babies. Actors. Azaleas. Famine. Fountains. Statues. Atrocities.

And tanks. (Probably).

Rory Mullarkey’s new play asks whether things really are getting worse. And if we care.


Rory Mullarkey’s previous plays include the National Theatre’s production of Saint George and the Dragon, Each Slow Dusk (Pentabus Theatre) and The Wolf from the Door at the Royal Court.

Previews from |
12th July 2018
Opening date |
18th July 2018
Booking from |
11th August 2018
Available until |
11th August 2018
Closes |
11th August 2018
Suitable for 14+.
Rory Mullarkey
Sam Pritchard

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Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8AS
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Sloane Square

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Our Review of Pity


Rory Mullarkey is bored of your plays. He’s had enough of predictable plots and complex characters. Instead, he presents Pity: a barmy take on middle England society that feels like new wave Monty Python that yearns to be quirky and off-the-wall, but instead launches itself into a pile of rubble. Read more

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Casting announced for Rory Mullarkey’s Pity at the Royal Court
Monday, 11 June, 2018
Casting has been announced for the Royal Court’s upcoming production of the Rory Mullarkey’s new play Pity, which is set to open in July. Pity has been described as Monty Python-meets-Armageddon be designer Chloe Lamford, and promises exploding ice cream vans, a meteor strike, numerous vehicles (possibly including tanks), and around 20 explosions. It sees Mullarkey, whose previous work includes St George and the Dragon at the National Theatre, ask ‘whether things are...
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