Stockport, 1988. It’s midnight. Rachel, eleven, and Billy, six, wait in the car in agitated excitement. Their mother is at her wits’ end with all their chatter and fighting and dreams of Disneyland. She is about to leave them for good. Their father, drunk in the flat above, has locked the door. It’s a pivotal moment, the beginning of a thirteen-year odyssey for two kids, largely abandoned and growing up in the deprived suburban shadows of Manchester, a city that felt itself to be the most exciting in the world.

Simon Stephens
Marianne Elliott

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Set in Stockport, just southeast of the sprawling city of Manchester in the north of England, 'Port' describes the early life-journey of a girl, Racheal Keats and her younger brother Billy as they progress from childhood into early adulthood. The play is divided into 8 scenes which take us from 1988 to 2002. The latter year, coincidentally, is the same year in which the play premiered at the... Read more

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