Reasons You Should(n't) Love Me

Kiln Theatre, London
Reasons You Should(n't) Love Me
Kiln Theatre, London
Our Review 4 / 5

Juno was born with spina bifida and is now clumsily navigating her twenties amidst street healers, love, loneliness – and the feeling of being an unfinished project.

Winner of The Women’s Prize for Playwriting 2020, Amy Trigg’s remarkable debut play Reasons You Should(n’t) Love Me is a hilarious, heart-warming tale about how shit our wonderful lives can be.

Previews from |
21st May 2021
Opening date |
21st May 2021
Closes |
12th June 2021
Amy Trigg
Charlotte Bennett
Guy Hoare
Elena Pena
Jean Chan
Cast list:
Amy Trigg

Kiln Theatre Venue Information

Kiln Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 7JR
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Our Review of Reasons You Should(n't) Love Me


Comparison is the death of joy, or so they say, and in our social media-obsessed, self congratulatory-culture, comparison has become a bit of a pandemic in its own right. Even as we were all shuttered in our houses for the past year, peering through screens at friends’ pool-side quarantines or country homes felt a little bit like it’s own disease, while trying to maintain gratitude for health and safety.  Read more

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