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Ricky Whittington and His Cat

Once upon a… etc. there was a nice lad called Ricky Whittington, who lived somewhere that isn’t London. Frustrated by the lack of social and economic opportunities in not-London, he put all his possessions into a handkerchief-tied-to-a-stick and set off to is-London with his (talking - get on board) Cat, who was a li’l prick.

Ricky soon learns that the streets are not paved with gold, they’re overrun by rats (which represent disenfranchisement, political disillusionment, economic instability, alienation etc.) and that London isn’t all that welcoming a place for a young person who makes the bold decision of moving there(/here) without first having been born to rich parents.

An ideal gift for anyone looking for a mordant commentary on the teeming, rent-eating fume-spewing International Financial Centre/gentrifier’s theme park known as London and/or a smart and funny twist on an age-old genre.

Daran ‘Jonno’ Johnson and Liam ‘Liam’ Williams
Alex Clatworthy
Tom Kingsley
Cast list:
Charlotte Ritchie, Ellie White, Rob Carter, Omar Ibrahim, Rosa Robson, Emily Lloyd-Saini, and David Elms
Other info:
Musical Director - Freddie Tapner

New Diorama Theatre

15-16 Triton Street, Regents Place, London, NW1 3BF
Venue Box Office:
0207 383 9034
Nearest tube:
Warren Street

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