Sherlock Holmes and the Invisible Thing

Sherlock Holmes and the Invisible Thing, The Tabard Theatre

A perplexed Inspector Peacock summons Holmes and Watson to the home of Miss Lucy Grendle, to investigate a murder seemingly committed by an invisible perpetrator. Miss Lucy Grendle has a problem with vodka... and Sherlock Holmes. Their paths have crossed before and it did not end well. Tension is in the air and it is not just because a murderous Invisible Thing is prowling the house. As the night unfolds, amidst a lethal concoction of a cadaver, origami and alcohol … Sherlock Holmes finally meets his match.

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Greg Freeman; Adapted from the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle
GKS Productions
Ken McClymont
Cast list:
Alex Mann (Sherlock Holmes), Faith Edwards (Mrs Rochester), Richard Fish (Dr Watson), Saria Steel (Lucy Grendle), Dan Maclane (Inspector Peacock)

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