If you’ve ever been obsessed with someone; if you’ve ever taken solace in music; if you’re an ageing punk who feels like the world is getting stranger every day – this is the convention-breaking, cutting edge theatre show for you.

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Sid running time: 
50 minutes

Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious may have been a junkie and an alcoholic (and, let’s be honest, not much of a musician), but he was PUNK . More than anyone else at the birth of the punk movement, he kicked against the system and spat in the face of polite conformity. For Craig, living in a world that just eats people up and spits them out as mindless zombies, a place where people leave him and are never seen again, this long-dead anti-hero is all he has to keep him on the straight and narr ow, to keep him from joining all the other sheep. And he’s not having a good day.

Leon Fleming
5pound5 Theatre and LWL Entertainment Ltd
Scott le Crass
Cast list:
Dario Coates

Arts Theatre

6-7 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7JB
Nearest tube:
Leicester Square
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