Speech and Debate

Speech and Debate, The Trafalgar Studio Two

Three misfit teenagers are brought together by a sex scandal in their school with nobody taking them seriously until they speak out with hilarious consequences.

Featuring Douglas Booth (Riot Club, Noah) and Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel and coming soon Spiderman:Homecoming), Patsy Ferran (Treasure Island,  As You Like It) and Charlotte Lucas (Red Velvet, Posh) 

Presented by Defibrillator, Tom Attenborough directs this fiercely funny play by Stephen Karam, the Tony Award winning writer of The Humans.

Living in a social media minefield, where peers are judgmental and adults are dictatorial and condescending, Howie, Solomon and Diwata grapple with homophobia, online privacy and how to get the lead in the school play!

"A triumph...hilarious, cliché-free, and immensely entertaining..." New York Times

Variety says it's 'bristling with vitality, wicked humour, terrific dialogue and a direct pipeline into the zeitgeist of contemporary youth.'


DEBATE MATE www.debatemate.com will present a post matinee show debate on Thursday March 2nd and Thursday March 9.

They are a fantastic organisation bringing a peer to peer mentoring model that teaches communication skills to non-selective state schools through debating programs.

Following the performance there will be a short Q&A with the Speech & Debate creative team which will  lead into the debate with speeches made by each side.  

A specific topic will be chosen such as “This House believes that digital technology has done more to disconnect than connect relationships”.

The debate will then open out to the audience, followed by the summary speeches from each side. The event should be finished by 5.45PM. 


The writer is passionate about the issues this fiercely funny play grapples with including homophobia, peer pressure, online privacy and how to get the lead in the school play!   There’s not many productions that really appeal to the 14+ teenager and speak in their own language.

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Suitable for age 14+.

Trafalgar Studio Two

14 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2DY
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It has taken almost a decade for Stephen Karam's 2007 play Speech and Debate to transfer to London in which time the writer has grown in both skill and recognition. This deliberately awkward and lightly comic exploration of adolescent sexual angst set in a high school in Salem Oregon occasionally punches above its weight but delights as a character study that's well realised by a set of... Read more

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