Talking Heads

Talking Heads

The Bridge Theatre, London
Talking Heads 2020
The Bridge Theatre, London
Our Review 5 / 5

During April and May, while the Bridge Theatre was closed, the venue worked with the BBC to produce Alan Bennett’s landmark Talking Heads monologues. Now, eight of them come to the stage in a series of unique double bills, all of them with the same leading actors whose performances were universally acclaimed on television. Each of the short plays that make up Talking Heads is a perfectly distilled masterpiece, sometimes disturbing, often hilarious and always profoundly humane.

The Shrine & Bed Among the Lentils

7th September - 22nd September 2020

The Shrine performed by Monica Dolan, directed by Nicholas Hytner

Bed Among the Lentils performed by Lesley Manville, directed by Nicholas Hytner

Playing Sandwiches & Lady of Letters

28th September - 31st October 2020

Playing Sandwiches performed by Lucian Msamati, directed by Jeremy Herrin

Lady of Letters performed by Imelda Staunton, directed by Jonathan Kent

The Outside Dog & The Hand of God

9th September - 26th September 2020

The Outside Dog Performed by Rochenda Sandall, directed by Nadia Fall

The Hand of God Performed by Kristin Scott Thomas, directed by Jonathan Kent

Nights in the Gardens of Spain & Miss Fozzard Finds her Feet

30th September - 24th October 2020

Nights in the Garden of Spain Performed by Tamsin Greig, directed by Marianne Elliott

Miss Fozzard Finds her Feet Performed by Maxine Peake, directed by Sarah Frankcom

Opening date |
7th September 2020
Closes |
24th October 2020

The Bridge Theatre Venue Information

The Bridge Theatre, 3 Potters Fields Park, London, SE1 2SG
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Customer reviews

Our Review of Talking Heads 2020


Any season of work that’s taking place in a London theatre at the moment is worthy of five stars in my book. The Bridge Theatre’s proving that there is no business like showbusiness, with its Talking Heads season allowing audiences to witness — quite simply — acting masterclasses from Britain’s finest actors. After Alan Bennett’s monologues were revived on our screens earlier this year, it seems fitting to the British "keep calm and carry on" mentality that we’re... Read more


Alan Bennett’s monologue series Talking Heads is ingeniously booby-trapped. It may look, at first glance, a little safe: all teapots, cosy, unflattering knitwear, and well-kept, conventional suburbia. But pull back the net curtains, and these characters are surviving domesticity in extremis, their personal crises sometimes assuming the proportions of classical tragedy. That could hardly be more true of the pitch-black, bloody tale The Outside Dog (1998), the first in this double... Read more


Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads monologues, which chronicle the quiet turmoil of lives behind ordinary suburban front doors, have been on an extraordinary journey. They made landmark TV when they first appeared in 1988, with a second series a decade later and various stage versions over the years. Read more

The play starts with Margaret Tyzack in the first monologue 'Soldiering On'. This is a touching story of a woman whose husband had died. She is left with a mentally ill daughter and a unscrupulous son who swindles her out of her money. However, besides all these problems and feeling lonely she never lets things get on top of her. She always looked at the positive side of life. Margaret Tyzack plays the part marvelously and convincingly on a stage which consisted of just one wall... Read more

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