The Audience Apollo Theatre 2015

Apollo Theatre, London
The Audience Apollo Theatre 2015
Apollo Theatre, London
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Cast includes Kristin Scott Thomas For sixty years Elizabeth II has met each of her twelve Prime Ministers in a weekly audience at Buckingham Palace - a meeting like no other in British public life - it is private. Both parties have an unsspoken agreement never to repeat what is said. Not even to their spouses. The Audience breaks this contract of silence - and imagines a series of pivotal meetings between the Downing Street incumbents and their Queen. From Churchill to Cameron, each Prime Minister has used these private conversations as a sounding board and a confessional - sometimes intimate, sometimes explosive. In turn, the Queen can't help but reveal her own self as she advises, consoles and, on occasion, teases.

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21st April 2015
Available until |
25th July 2015
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Peter Morgan
Stephen Daldry

Apollo Theatre Venue Information

Apollo Theatre, 31 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 7ES
Nearest tube:
Piccadilly Circus

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Our Review of The Audience Apollo Theatre 2015


Helen Mirren is currently ravishing Broadway as she reprises the role of the Queen she has previously played on the big screen (to Oscar winning glory in Stephen Frears's film The Queen in 2006) and the West End stage (in 2013, where she won the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Actress, and for which she is now Tony nominated on Broadway). Read more

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