The Awakening

Brockley Jack Studio, Brockley
The Awakening
Brockley Jack Studio, Brockley

DLProductions will present their inaugural production, The Awakening, winner of the Ibsen prize in Norway in 1988, and last seen in the UK at the Hampstead Theatre.

What Johannes did is the worst thing anyone can do, there is nothing worse. But how do we put it right? Johannes is serving a life sentence for murder. Released on parole from an abusive prison system, reformer Agnes secures him a place working on a remote farm. Here he unwittingly becomes embroiled in an old, unresolved grudge. Left on his own in the world for the first time, events take a turn in ways they could never have predicted.

Previews from |
6th September 2016
Opening date |
8th September 2016
Closes |
24th September 2016
Julian Garner
Madelaine Moore
Cast list:
Alex Dowding, Joana Nastari, Grace Cookey-Gam, Jarren Dalmeda

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