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The Grift

The Grift

UK première of The Grift, an immersive, site-specific experience - part theatre and part game - being staged in the historic Town Hall Hotel in London’s Bethnal Green

Dropping its audience of just 50 a show into the middle of an adventure in which they are trained in the art of the con, participants will meet characters, solve clues and get a masterclass in the ways of the grifter, all in the interest pulling off one final swindle to take down a seamy criminal mastermind.

They will have their intelligence tested and get trained in scams like The Pig In The Poke, The Round-The Corner, and The Money Swap… but in the end will they be sharp enough to take down an evil genius at his own game? An experience unlike anything ever performed on a stage, The Grift will sweep its audience into a thrilling adventure, turning everyday theatergoers into master con men. And when the show ends?

They’ll be released back into the world with a whole new skill set - one that can pay off for years to come.

This show has now closed. See our list of theatre tickets for shows currently on sale.

Tom Salamon
Danielle Tarento
Tom Salamon
Cast list:
Dylan Allcock, Ged Forrest, Rachel Harper, Laura Kirman, Alastair Kirton, Daniel Millar, Kevin Moore, Mark Oosterveen

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Casting announced for immersive crime show The Grift
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Casting has been announced for an immersive crime theatre show The Grift, which will open at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green later this month. The show premiered in San Diego in 2015, and trains its audience of 50 members in the art of the con, delivering a masterclass in how to be a grafter as they’re tasked with taking down a seedy criminal. It runs at the space from 23rd January to 25th March, with an official opening on 30th January. Tom Salamon conceived the piece, which he has also written and directs. His previous work includes Goosebumps Alive which ran at The Vaults in 2016.

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