The Pitchfork Disney

The Pitchfork Disney

Presley and Haley have bolted their East London home against the terrors of the world. Since their parents died ten years ago, they have found comfort in chocolate, medication and fantasies of nuclear apocalypse. But, one night, Presley sees a beautiful stranger on the street outside. And while Haley sleeps, he lets their worst nightmare in.

Claustrophobic, comic and deeply unsettling, Philip Ridley’s seminal masterpiece played a revolutionary role in changing the face of British theatre when it premiered in 1991 to critical acclaim and controversy. Its exploration of ‘a climate of fear’, living in ‘alternate worlds’ and persistent thrum of sexual anxiety has continued to act as a tuning fork for the zeitgeist - a play whose relevance is forever in the now.

Step into Shoreditch Town Hall’s atmospheric basement spaces and experience this unique, immersive revival of Ridley’s debut play deep in the eerie underbelly of East London.

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Philip Ridley
Shoreditch Town Hall
Jamie Lloyd
Richard Howell
Ben & Max Ringham and George Dennis
Soutra Gilmour
Cast list:
George Blagden, Tom Rhys Harries, Seun Shote and Hayley Squires
Other info:
Composition by Ben & Max Ringham

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Our The Pitchfork Disney Review

It's commendable of director Jamie Lloyd to take a step back from the commercial excesses of the West End following numerous seasons at the Trafalgar Studios and into the almost site-specific vibe of Shoreditch Town Hall. Presenting two Philip Ridley plays in succession, the first production is a revival of the landmark 1991 dream-come-nightmare The Pitchfork Disney.

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