The Real Thing

The Real Thing, The Rose Theatre Kingston

First staged in 1982, The Real Thing combines the intellectual and dazzling wordplay of Stoppard at his most witty with some of his most tender and touching writing. A clever, poignant and entertaining examination of infidelity, The Real Thing is a multi award-winning modern classic.

A member of one of the UK’s leading acting dynasties, Laurence Fox is best-known for playing DS James Hathaway in Lewis from 2006–2015. Other television credits include A Room With A Viewand Wired. His film credits include Gosford Park and Becoming Jane and recent stage roles include Our Boys and Strangers on a Train.

Tom Stoppard’s many plays include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Arcadia and he co-wrote the screenplay for Shakespeare in Love which won the Academy Award for best screenplay. His numerous awards include the 2013 PEN Pinter Prize for “his determination to tell things as they are”.

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Henry is the smartest and sharpest playwright of his generation. His wife, Charlotte, an actress, has been appearing in a play by Henry about a couple whose marriage is on the verge of collapse. Max, her leading man, is also married to an actress, Annie. When Henry’s affair with Annie threatens to destroy his own marriage, he realises life has started imitating art. But are they really in love? Is it the real thing?

Tom Stoppard
Stephen Unwin
Tim Mascall
Jonathan Fensom Sound Designer John Leonard Jonathan Fensom Sound Designer John Leonard Jonathan Fensom Sound Designer John Leonard Jonathan Fensom Sound Designer John Leonard Jonathan Fensom
Jonathan Fensom
Cast list:
Laurence Fox, Adam Jackson-Smith, Rebecca Johnson, Santino Smith, Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Venice van Someren, Kit Young

Rose Theatre Kingston

24-26 High Street, Kingston, London, KT1 1HL
Venue Box Office:
020 8174 0090

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