The Stripper

The year 1961, the place Pine City, California and some broad is threatening to throw herself off the top of the fanciest hotel in town. There’s trouble brewing and Lieutenant Al Wheeler wants answers.

First stop, Club Extravaganza where we meet delectable Deadpan Dolores. Her name says it all… she’s not shy, so what’s she hiding?

As Wheeler is thrust into a sleazy underworld of strip-joints and lost lonely hearts, the truth isn’t the only thing he uncovers.



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Based on the Pulp Fiction story by Carter Brown
Niall Bailey and Chris Wheeler for Scala Theatre Ltd
Benji Sperring
Songs by:
Richard Hartley and Richard O’Brien;

The Other Palace - Studio

19 Palace Street, London , SW1E 5JA
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Our The Stripper Review

"You've got trouble" sings the closing song of Richard Hartley, Richard O'Brien and Carter Brown's 1985 musical The Stripper, revived at the St James Studio. Instead of being River City and the presence of a pool table, we're in Pine City, slightly further West and some fifty years later where there's a murder mystery to be solved and a string of potential culprits. To comment much on the plot... Read more

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