The Suicide

Suhayla El-Bushratakes the satiric masterpiece by Nikolai Erdman and smashes it into urban London. It’s provocative and funny, bringing fast-paced humour and live music to the Lyttelton stage.

Things are getting tough for Sam. No job, benefits stopped and stuck in a tiny flat with his girlfriend Maya and her mum. The pressure is building. It feels like there might be only one way out.

But every ending is a beginning and there are plenty of people keen to capitalise on Sam’s momentous decision. From corrupt local politicians to social media-savvy kids, everyone wants a piece of Sam’s demise. It scarcely matters what Sam actually wants. Faced with the promise of immortality, what’s his life worth?

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Lyttelton Theatre, National

South Bank, London, SE1 9PX
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Our The Suicide Review

Javone Prince, the leading man of the National's new, comprehensively revised production of the classic 1920s Russian comedy The Suicide was still recovering from a severe dose of laryngitis that had caused him to miss several performances ahead of the press performance, but his voice wasn't the only thing that felt severely strained about the evening.

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