Three Sisters

Three Sisters Union Theatre, The Union Theatre

In a UK premiere, one of America's most celebrated contemporary playwrights, Tracey Letts, hones and focuses Chekhov’s depiction of three young Russian women, in a back-water town, whose dreams are eroded by a series of encounters with guests, lovers, family and the proletariat,

It was first performed in 1900 to reflect an increasingly obsolete leisured class, struggling to find a purpose in an age of great social change. At this precise moment in time, when the intelligentsia have become irrelevant at the ballot box it couldn’t feel more pertinent. 

Refreshingly, amidst a crowded market of Chekhov adaptations, Tracy Letts, the Tony award winning actor and Pulitzer prize winning author of stage and screen hits AUGUST:OSAGE COUNTYBUGSUPERIOR DONUTS and KILLER JOE, makes no radical changes to the setting, story or characters.

Instead he brings a directness of motive and linguistic clarity that only a brilliant actor and an undisputed master of contemporary drama can offer.

A critically acclaimed, daringly unapologetic, emotionally taut version of Chekhov’s masterpiece resulted and, taking his cue from Letts approach, award winning director Phil Willmott's production will be equally uncluttered and immediate.

The production is also a chance to discover some of the most exciting emerging acting talent in the UK, in a large cast ranging in age from 22 to 72, all of whom have been encouraged to bring their differing perspectives on Chekhov's characters to the rehearsal process.

Anton Chekhov, a new version by Tracy Letts. Based on dramaturgical translations by Charlotte Hobson and Dassia Posner
Phil Willmott, Nastazja Domaradzka (Assistant Director)
Penn O'Gara
Cast list:
Celine Abrahams (Olga), Ivy Corbin (Masha), Will Henry (Rode), Hugo Nicholson (Solyony), J. P. Turner (Chebutykin), Francesca Burgoyne (Natasha), Molly Crookes (Irina), Tom Malmed (Tusenbach), Steven Rodgers (Kulygin), Lawrence Werber (Ferapont), Benjamin Chandler (Andrey), Jonathan James (Fedotik), Corinna Marlowe (Alfisa), Ashley Russell (Vershinin)

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